Windows 7 Explorer Secrets

windows7-featuredOne of the biggest problems a lot of Windows 7 users have, is not understanding how Windows Explorer works, and what can be done with it. No, I'm not talking about a web browser. I've known people who get this mixed up too. The Microsoft browser is called Internet Explorer, not Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer is where you can tap into the power of your computer's file system. RULE #1 -- if you don't know what the file you're looking at is, don't move it, delete or rename it -- just leave it alone.

One of the things even some advanced users have problems when setting up their home office, is working with network drives so you can share files with other computers on the network. Windows 7 Explorer Secrets (Windows Tips and Tricks) by Jack Dunning will show you how to do this as well as a ton of other tricks you may not know are even possible.

For example, in "Chapter Seven: Syncing Files without Windows Professional “Windows Briefcase for taking your work to another computer; SyncToy for easy synchronization.” Windows Briefcase is a file-synchronization system that is helpful not only for Windows 7, but for all versions of Windows since 95." This works great is you're using a Flash Drive, but if you have to use a lot of your files on another computer, there isn't any discussion about an external drive. They are very handy to have.

For those of you who might not be familiar with what an external drive is, it's a portable drive that plugs into a USB port on your computer, and then you can manage the drive's content through Windows Explorer. I use one to keep my clients websites on that I work on. Then if I have to go someplace, I can take along my laptop and plug the drive into it. This way I can work when I'm at the cottage, or staying at a friend's place.

This book is only about Windows Explorer. If you are a novice with computers, you might not get much out of it. For example, if you often download things, and then can't find them afterwards, or if you're still struggling trying to send attachments through email -- this book isn't going to help you with things like that.

The Kindle version of the book is being offered for free for the next 24-48 hours as part of an Amazon promotion. It was just published this month; there aren't any reviews for it yet, but on the page where you can download it, it gives you a description of what you'll discover in each chapter of the book. This should give you some idea of whether you can benefit from it or not.

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