War on Health by Gary Null

war-health-featuredGary Null is a radio talk show host an author on alternate medicine. He promotes a number of alternate cancer treatments and dietary supplements, but he is best known for a documentary video he created called the War on Health. In the video he takes some serious shots at the FDA, government, and established medical practices, including medicines and major pharmaceutical companies that determine which health care problems are publicised and researched.

He's received a lot of feedback on his views, and not all of it is good. Stephen Barrett, M.D. has an article on QuackWatch.org that claims his views on health and nutrition are at odds with the scientific consensus and have been described as "dubious at best". Still others, like Frania Shelley-Grielen who writes for the Examiner, claims Null "starts a necessary conservation but ultimately fails to illuminate and misses the forest for the trees." Basically meaning: she feels things have been left out of the documentary that should have been included. Here is the video:

The video is almost an hour long, so you may need to bookmark this page so you can some back to it later.

I leave it up to you, the reader/viewer to decide for yourself what you will choose to believe.

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