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work-home-featuredA lot of people have asked me how they could go about making a living online. I've offered a few suggestions to some people. Had a nice email a few years ago from another web developer who used to ask me a lot of questions on my discussion forum. He said, with my help, he was able to realize his dream. Of course, since we are both website builders, we spoke the same language. It's pretty hard to tell someone who doesn't know anything about it, to go ahead and learn it on their own. It was a lot simpler when I started in 1994, and my skills and knowledge have just developed over time, as new things were introduced.

The picture to the left isn't me. Although, it looks like me back in 1999, after my web development business had taken off and HomeBusiness Websites was launched. Heck, it even looks like my home office at the time. But, yeah... there were a lot of times while working from home, that I would have my baby sitting on my knee while I worked. I would take breaks every so often, and load games on the computer suitable for teaching a three year old how to use a computer. Not much wonder she turned into such a computer whiz herself.

Then we didn't spend all of our time working, either. By the time she was four years old, we would goof off after lunch and ride our bikes. We usually ended up at a park close to home, and played on the slides and swings. She learned how to drive a bike that year.

Working from home certainly has its advantages. Besides earning more than what I could have made working for the man, I got to spend a lot more time with my daughter. It's something I will never regret.

If you're interested in working from home, there is a two-for-one deal on Amazon today. Both of the books I will mention below are free for the next 24-48 hours as an Amazon promotion.

super-moms-ebookSuper Moms Inc.: Work From Home, Build A Profitable Home Business, And Find Time For Your Family When You Have Kids To Take Care Of is written by Carolyn Woods. It's split into two sections. 1) Developing your plan; 2) Designing   Your Business. In the latter section it will cover lots of ways to earn money while keeping your kids as your first priority.   All of them have been done either by her or by someone she knows, so they come with real world proof that they are viable.

You will read her story about how after her baby was born she had to quit her job because it involved to much traveling. She hat to learn how to make the same money at home, so she could raise her daughter. Of course that was just the start, Today she has four children her own home, and they make a good living with her working part-time from home.

Keep in mind, that today... it isn't necessarily the mother staying home; sometimes it's the father. So the advise in this book is applicable to anyone. Even if you're over fifty, you will find it filled with practical advice. Click here to download the Kindle version of the book.

killer-ebookThe second book is Killer Work from Home Jobs: 200 Fortune 500 & Legitimate Work at Home Jobs. Lee Evans embarked on a lifelong mission 30 years ago to help job seekers move forward in their lives. From her own personal experience and her experiences in educating the public about job placement, she understands the stress involved with being laid off or otherwise being out of work.

She says, "The 200 jobs listed are from companies that have withstood the test of time, and the newer companies are so exciting, you want to give them a try. You deserve to find opportunities that are actual jobs where you actually get paid.  People work from home all the time, you just need to know where those jobs are.  Knowledge is power, and I created this book to give you the power you deserve."

You can click here to download the Kindle version of this book. None of the links provided in the book are to scam websites that just want your money and don't offer anything in exchange. She has personally researched each one of these opportunities. It's no lie.... you could have a new work at home job within the next week.

If you would like to have a place to discuss working from home strategies, let me know, and I can setup a forum for discussion.

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