Too late to be an entrepreneur?

The Daily Breeze is a newspaper that publishes some of its content online. A recent article that caught my attention is, It's never too late to become an entrepreneur by Helen Dennis. She claims there is a big surge in people over fifty becoming entrepreneurs. The article is based on a report published by the Kauffman Foundation. The report is four years old, but from everything I am reading, the trend  continues. Just when we were thinking we were on our way out, we're really helping to stabilize the country and economy. Surprisingly enough, Helen's article says:

The percentage of entrepreneurs that declined most sharply were those in the 20 to 34 age range.

It's surprising; I'm not sure I understand why. but there are "thousands of young Canadians who are struggling to find work in their fields, biding their time in temporary jobs and referring to their university degrees as 'expensive pieces of paper'."  And from Helen's article, we can see the same thing is happening in the United States.

What makes the situation even worse in Canada, is that the government has unleashed Service Canada investigators which "involves controversial home visits in which agents knock on the door of an EI (employment insurance) claimant's home and ask for an interview on the spot, or deliver a letter to schedule a mandatory face-to-face meeting." They are forcing people, registered for EI, to take jobs outside of their field of expertise, for 70% of their past earnings, even if it means they have to drive 100 kilometers to this new job every day. The young people don't have a chance to pursue their careers, much less an opportunity to have time enough to think of how they might be able to realize their dreams through an entrepreneurial venture.

While the North America governments continue to traumatize the youth and unemployed, and the cost of living has increased so dramatically the last few years, it isn't much wonder that boomers, with at least a smidgeon of some type of financial security are willing to take on a little more. It's a fact; pensions aren't enough to keep up with the rising costs. Although some reports from the US would argue the point. For example, the article titled US Inflation Eases, Consumer Prices Flat in January 2013 suggests:

US inflation eased a bit over the past year as consumer prices overall stayed flat in January 2013, the US government reported Thursday in Washington.

Costlier housing, vehicles, clothing and airline fares were offset by lower energy prices, a situation likely to reverse itself in February with gasoline surging in recent weeks.

These reports are generated only for interest; to coddle you. I don't believe they're an accurate reflection of the economy at all.  My web design business at HomeBusiness Websites has 95% of its clientele from the United States, and I speak to real people on a weekly basis from the U.S., and things are not even near as rosy as some of these reports would have you believe. The fact is, people are struggling to get by this last year -- more than we did over the course of the last ten years. And that, folks... is a fact!

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