To Heaven and Back

from-heaven-featuredDr. Mary Neal drowned in 1999. It was a kayak accident. She was underwater for at least 15 minutes; maybe even as long as twenty-five. It's been said that after four minutes without oxygen, the brain will die. But she didn't. Somehow, she survived. Dr. Neal claims the reason she survived is because it was God's will.

I'm not what one would call a religious person. I don't have any beliefs one way or the other about it. I don't believe that all things happen for a reason either. Still, it's pretty hard to watch the video below and not believe in something.

I wanted to share this video with my readers. If you believe in God, perhaps this will help strengthen your faith even more. For anyone who is over fifty and is just recently finding themselves alone, you may need any edge you can find to help you get back to a place where you are happy to be you, and happy to be alive.

Dr. Mary Neal wrote a book about her experience. It's called To Heaven and Back. She claims she was given a glimpse of Heaven, and was told by angels that she would need to go back. It wasn't her time.  If you want to know more about her story, you can click the link above and buy the book on Amazon. The Kindle version of the book is only $11.30.

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