The GMO Debacle

debacle-featuredIf you have just recently heard about the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) being introduced to our food supply, here is some good information to help you quickly get acquainted with the issue. Charles G. Jefferson, author of The GMO Debacle, says it's a "great primer to start your journey on this fascinating and dangerous topic!"

I think this is a topic we all need to know about. It's being banned in many countries. You can find a list with descriptions on countries that are banning it, and countries that are embracing it here. Note: the link to has some popups and an advertising video that starts to play with the page loads. Still, it's a good list. Since I live in Canada, I hate to see the technology being embraced here. It says:

Canada has widespread GM crop usage. Nearly all Canadian canola is GM, as is a large portion of the country's soy and corn. Prince Edward Island tried to pass a ban on GMO cultivation but failed, and GM crops in the region are currently increasing.

I've written about the problem in Canada before in another article on this site titled Our Groceries are Poisoned. The article contains a link to a pdf file published by Greenpeace that will give you a shoppers guide to help you avoid foods that contain GMOs.

The Kindle book version of The GMO Debacle is free for the next 24-48 hours as part of an Amazon promotion. I would get it today and have a look through it. It isn't very long, only 25 pages, but it will bring you up to speed on what's going into our food. As well, the video below is an excellent way to learn about this.

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