The Forgotten and Forbidden Cancer Cures

forebidden-cures-featuredThe rate at which people get cancer is alarming. In 1900,  1 out 20 people would get cancer.  By 1940, it was 1 out of 16 -- and over the years, more and more people are getting it until today, where there is 1 out of every 3 people developing cancer in some form or another. What's being done about it? Not much. And modern treatments aren't helping. Two out the three treatments, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, are carcinogenic.

The video below is one of the best documentaries I've seen that will show you how the big pharmaceutical companies took control of the medical industry by teaching doctors to treat this disease with drugs, rather than nutrition. It will also show you several cancer cures that were discovered, but were suppressed by lawsuits, and having those who would actually help, labeled as quacks.

Some of the people who are mentioned in the video who successfully treated cancer have products that can be bought, and used to treat yourself or a loved one. But it's against the law for them to advertise them as cancer cures.  A prime example of this is the formula developed by Rene Caisse, who spent her life curing thousands of people who had cancer. The medicine she developed is called Essiac (which is her name spelled backwards) and you can find some of her products at Amazon. I did a search for you. If you click this link you can see different products made from her formula.

Although she used Essiac to treat thousands of people, the medical community's official statement was that her patients had been misdiagnosed with cancer by incompetent doctors.

In the video you will also hear the story of Max Gerson. He developed and alternative dietary therapy, which he claimed could cure cancer and most chronic, degenerative diseases. It was based on consuming certain raw vegetables and an alkaline diet. He documented patient recoveries, but they were never allowed to be published. At the same time, doctors were promoting Camel cigarettes. However, today there are some of his books on Amazon and one of them is titled A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy.

You will also learn about Laetrile. It's a  chemically modified form of amygdalin, a naturally-occurring substance found mainly in the kernels of apricots, peaches, and almonds. Although officially banned, other products containing a similar formula in the form of vitamin B17 and called Amygdalin, can be found on Amazon.

You will also learn about Iscador, which is extracted from mistletoe, and used widely in Europe. Suzanne Somers endorses it as part of her recovery strategy from breast cancer. If, after watching the video, you decide you would like to try it, the only thing I could find close to it on Amazon is called Herb Pharm Mistletoe Extract, which they say is a Mistletoe Extract from fresh (undried) whole Viscum album plants.

There is a lot more to the movie than what I've mentioned in this post. It's just over an hour long. If you don't have time to watch it all now, you can always bookmark this post so you can easily find it later on.

I can't recommend you try any of these. I'm not a doctor so can't advise anyone. This post is just for your information. Alternate treatments should always be discussed with medical personnel, but again, doctors tend to be trained in drug remedies; they and the pharmaceutical companies won't make any money should you get well.

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