The 15 Minute Back Pain and Neck Pain Management Program

back-pain-featuredFree today: The 15 Minute Back Pain and Neck Pain Management Program. It's written by John McArthur, who is an investigative medical journalist in natural medicine. Mr. K. Hedges who review this book says, "I just did not realize how 15 minutes of my day can be so well spent and the problems of back pain and neck pain can be alleviated so dramatically. I worked for up to nine hours a day in an office chair at home and I find my neck aches like hell and my back is as stiff as board. I have always taken a 10 minute break every hour but once back in the chair the pain always returns. But now after reading how 15 minutes of my day helps to relieve the pain and strengthen my back muscles I am already looking forward to a pain free neck and straighter back."

Lately I've been having the same problem as Mr. Hedges. Some days are worse than others, but I am definitely going to give some of his stretching exercises a go.

back-pain-ebookThe full title of the book on Amazon is The 15 Minute Back Pain and Neck Pain Management Program: Back Pain and Neck Pain Treatment and Relief 15 Minutes a Day No Surgery No Drugs. Effective, Quick and Lasting Back and Neck Pain Relief. If you read the reviews, they are all favorable. Everyone says it is a great book. It covers alternative therapies, stretches, exercises, tips for emergency pain relief, etc.

This book will only be free for the next 24-48 hours as an Amazon promotion. So if you want it, or think you will need it, click here to get it now.

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