Retired Teachers Can Make Extra Cash

If you're a teacher or better yet, an over fifty, retired teacher, I learned about a new way you can make some extra money online.  You can make lesson plans for school and sell them to other teachers. I'm not kidding you. Dien Rice, who runs the Seeds of Wisdom Forum posted an article about this on the message forum.  In his post he says, "Teachers pay $59.95 for an annual premium membership fee to sell materials on the site, with the agency taking a 15 percent cut of most sales, according to Businessweek."

You can find the website Teachers Pay Teachers here.

My mother used to be a teacher before she retired. She claims it takes a lot of work to make up lesson plans, but it is something she enjoyed when she taught school. She always tried to find ways that would enable the children to learn about topics that would be entertaining as well as instructional. And the kids loved her for it. I know this for a fact, because I've had numerous people stop me on the street and ask me if I was Audrey MacLellan's son.  Then they proceed to tell me that my mother was their favorite teacher.

Regardless of whether or not you 're a teacher -- if you're looking for a place with like-minded individuals that can help you brainstorm ideas for extra income, you will find some intelligent, remarkable people at the Seeds of Wisdom Forum. You can find it here.

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