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woman-likeSince it's getting closer to Valentine's day, it's only appropriate to publish some articles based on matters of the heart. I was having a look at a new 115 page novel by Kim Harris today titled A Woman Like Me...A Man Like You: Relationships & Dating Revisited in the 21st Century.  Yes, she means revisited. The woman appears to be in her forties, and is raising her teenage son.  The advice she offers certainly is straight from the heart. She doesn't mince words.

She says she's "tired of reading books written by men telling women how to get their attention.   Somewhere along the line somebody got it twisted.   Why isn’t anyone educating our men on how to step up to the plate and be Real Men?"

Watch the interview with her below where she answers the question, "Can you really enjoy being alone."

She says in the video that being single is not a disease. And just because you're a little older doesn't mean you still don't have "it". She certainly takes the time to dispel some popular myths associated with being an older woman and single.

woman-ebookHer book, A Woman Like Me...A Man Like You, was just published on January 9th, 2013, and doesn't have any review yet. But I think if you're a woman and wondering where you fit into this 21st century dating game, this book will give you some great insights and a positive outlook. This book is being offered for free for the next 24-h8 hours, as an Amazon promotion.

For the men who are reading this... Should you get the book? No doubt the ladies will appreciate it, but what about the men? Well... if you're interested in knowing how older women who are single again are thinking these days, it wouldn't hurt. Although an entertaining and informative read, this woman has attitude too.  A good example of this is when she says, "That's the difference a woman like me makes in a man's life.   We challenge him to look at his behavior and find ways to improve it so that he can step up to us ready.   If he feels he is not quite there yet, he will step back, reassess and then try again."

Frankly, this site was built for people over 50 and living alone without a partner. As for men who choose to do this, some of us may be a little tired of hearing how a woman plans to change us, so we can "step up to the plate!" We got tired of walking on broken glass from those plates.

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