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A lot of people have been emailing me for relationship advice. You have to understand that this site is set up for people that are 50+ and alone, living without a partner. It would seem a lot of you have questions about whether or not this is the right lifestyle choice for you.

Did you make a mistake? Are you wondering about a past decision? Need some guidance?

You must have heard that Dear Abby has passed on. But for those seeking a little emotional support, there is a forum on this website where you can submit questions to.... although you should be prepared, that the answers you receive from the forum might not be exactly to your liking.

However.... it's setup so anyone can ask a question and anyone  can reply; so you might actually get better advice than I could give you myself.

When you post a question, your email address is protected and won't appear on the forum. You can even use a fake name if you want to. Your email address is required so I can block people who are spamming the forum; but it doesn't get displayed.

At the same time... anyone can reply and offer advice, just like anyone can post a question.  So you need to understand that if you sound like a goof, you'll probably get goofy replies. So you are fore-warned. You may not agree with the replies you get and you may not like them.

This is for fun and entertainment purposes only. If you need professional help.... ya' just ain't gonna' get it here. It will be everyday people replying to your post with their own line of witticisms and advice.

That sums it up nicely. Real people, sharing their advice and stories with other real people.

You can visit this new forum here



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