Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

heaven-featuredIs there life after death? Regardless of what culture you're from or what religion you follow, there seems to be a current theme that many people believe in an afterlife.  Coming from a home where my brother and I attended Sunday School and church every Sunday, one would think I'd be destined to believe. But it seems I always had more questions than answers. To believe in something without questioning it; doesn't seem to be logical.

When I was a teen I stumbled across a book in our library about Plato, a student of Socrates. It seems that the discussions that took place the day before he was poisoned, proved the soul is immortal. Socrates offers four arguments for the soul's immortality. After reading the arguments, I found the logic impossible to dispute. Nevertheless, I closed the book and decided not to believe that which had been proven otherwise. However, if I could learn more, I would. I had not become an atheist.

As the years slipped by, I found cause to once again revisit my open-minded belief. It was the year after my wife and I had bought a house in Calgary. My daughter was four years old at the time. We had been living in a condo community, where we rented a two-story, three bedroom condo. It really was quite comfortable living there. Each unit had a fenced backyard, where toddlers and pets could play.

Miles to the south of us, in a town called Lethbridge was a very similar condo community. From the pictures I saw of it, you could hardly tell it apart from the one we had been living at. One family living there had a three year old daughter, the same age my daughter was when we were renting our condo. The little girl had blond hair, just like our daughter. And the little girl would often go out the front door to the neighbors place just two doors down, to play with the children who lived there. Funny, the similarities -- our daughter had done the exact same thing many times.

The difference is, this little girl never had a chance to go back home. A friend of the family, who she was used to interacting with, picked her up, drove her 200 miles north of Lethbridge and left her sexually abused and beaten to a pulp. When they found her in the secluded area, she was half naked and underneath a pile of brush. She had been barely alive when he left her. They found her dead, clinging to one of the branches of the brush that had been piled over her to hide her.

Does that sound like there is a fair and just God? Discussions with others always result in vague religious quotations, like, "Everything happens for a reason". Or God needed to bring this little lamb home. I have a hard time buying this. Heck, that could have been my little girl....

One of the things I heard, and probably hate the most is, "She's in a better place now." Who says? Where is the better place? Heaven?

One of the top books on Amazon right now is titled, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife. Written by Dr. Eben Alexander which chronicles his near death experience. Dr. Alexander is an expert on the brain, though he readily admits that no one really understands it all. He is articulated and well educated, but I think his experience with the afterlife is a result of brain damage he suffered from when he almost died. He says, "We are all here to try and get closer to the truth." Watch the video below to see what truth YOU find in his words.

If you watched the video, you will have heard that before he left what he calls the earthy sphere of existence and was delivered into the core, that he "believes a creator was behind the beauty and love he witnessed." Of course, we all have our beliefs; doesn't necessarily make his right.

proof-ebookGo ahead and click here  to read a preview of his book, and what it entails. And then click to read some of the reviews; there are 1,818 customer reviews. You will see one of the review says, " While Dr. Alexander's experiences have startling similarities to other near-death experiences I've read about, what sets his book apart is the fact that Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon with great knowledge of what makes up consciousness. The parts of his brain that would create experiences like he underwent (such as in a dream state) were not functional at the time he experienced them. He is also a man of science and a skeptic, who changed his views completely after experiencing this. This transformation is interesting and notable. His descriptions of heaven are vivid, uplifting, and fascinating."

You will hear that in the video above too, that "... The parts of his brain that would create experiences like he underwent (such as in a dream state) were not functional at the time..."

I can't believe that. It must have been functioning at some low level.... if he was able to remember it. But this doesn't prove the little girl who died under a brush pile is in a better place. How can one prove there is an afterlife, much less heaven, if you haven't died? Those who have lost all vital sign and been declared clinically dead for a few minutes, and then come back from their out-of-body experience, simply means that we need to reassess what it is to be clinically dead.

I'm afraid a lot of people use this kind of stuff as a crutch. Just like a drug addict needs his drugs or alcohol to get by on. If you're 50+ and alone; don't waste your time worrying about an afterlife. There isn't any. Go enjoy the next half of your life.

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