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hobbies-featuredFor those of you who are new to being over fifty and alone Rejoice!! Now you have the time to take up the hobby you never had time for when you were married or raising children.

I like playing the guitar. I never had enough talent to even think of becoming a professional, but still, it's something I've always enjoyed. But for several years, I just didn't have time for it. But the good news is... now I have more time.

You don't have to be a guitar player. You can do whatever it is you're interested in. If you always thought of yourself as a budding author; write a book. Photographer? Get out there and take some pictures. Golfer? Go play some golf!

If you're new to being 50+ and alone, don't sit there and dwell upon what might have been, if only....

Those type of thoughts and that line of thinking is only going to depress you. You're not a whole lot of fun if you're depressed.

The image below shows two friends of mine, and me, playing in a rock band when we were all about 17 years old. I'm the fellow in the white shirt to the far right.


This other image below, is a picture that was taken of the group who was playing for my mothers' 75th birthday. Although I had put the guitar away for so many years, when I moved back to Nova Scotia in 2003, I picked it back up again. As you can see in this picture, they were all looking at me. They were amazed at how well I could make the music sound with my guitar playing.


The fellow in the middle playing the fiddle is Gerald Elliott. His brother Carl, won the Maritime Fiddle Championship 4 years in a row, and his son Mike won the junior championship 4 years in a row. Gerald never entered the competition but in my opinion, he's the best. Gerald and I played in a bluegrass/ old tyme band for a couple of years in the late '80's. In the image above I would have been 49 years old.

When I was young, I played in a rock band. In high-school I played in a jazz band and a symphonic band. Later I played in a country band, and after that played in a bluegrass band. Music has always been a source of enjoyment to me. I'm not playing in any bands now, but I still enjoy playing.... if for no one else other than myself.

I've also enjoyed teaching and sharing what little I know. I know of several people who play the guitar simply because I took the time to teach them and share what little I know. Some of them became much better players than I ever could have imagined. I think that's GREAT!!! When you can inspire someone and instill your passion in them (even if they take it to a height you could never achieve) it leaves you with a sense of satisfaction; respect, and joy in your heart.

Yes, I'm over fifty and alone. Have I made a difference? Yes, I have. Even though I'm not a great musician, I've passed it on to other people, who are passing it on to their children and other generations. The love will never dies, although.... I surely will.... someday. But, it isn't today!

For those of you who are guitar players, and wanting to improve your skill, you might want to check out the hobby forums, specifically the one for guitar players that has over 70 posts, many of which are guitar lessons.

Here is an example of the type of lesson you might find there:

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If you are wanting to learn more than what is available in the guitar players forum, you might want to check out Steve Krenz's lessons:

For those of you who aren’t satisfied catching a lesson here and there, Steve Krenz offers the Gibson s Learn & Master Guitar course. You get 10 instructional DVDs, 5 Jam-along CDs, 100+ page lesson book and online support. Click here to learn more about it.

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