Photographers over Fifty

photo-featuredMost people who are fifty and over, and like to take nice pictures, usually invest the money in a half-decent camera. Then they discover they can't take any pictures better than they did with their cellphone. This is nothing a few tips can't fix.

Even if you're divorced at 50, and it's  just a hobby to drive around to take photographs, if you want to... there is a way to make some extra cash with them. There are websites that will BUY your photographs. Of course, depending on the website, some of them have different terms. For example, The payouts at Shutterstock work on a sliding scale, so the more images you have downloaded, the more you’ll earn per image.

Here is a list of 15 Stock Photography Sites to Sell Your Photos – For Beginners and Pros.

There is the Kindle version of a book being offered for free today, 50 Keys To Better Photography! (On Target Photo Training) that might help you take better photographs too. Most of the sites list at the link above are going to give your submissions a quality check before you can sell your photos through their websites. The books is only free for the next 24-48 hours as an Amazon promotion. If you want it, click here to download it.

photo-cover-ebookIt isn't hard to understand either. There are numerous review you can read, and many of them echo, what one person said: "This book is easy to read (for the everyday person) and to understand (lay terms). It covers the basics, and ten gives insight into a great deal of photo opportunities that we all have missed (or at least me), because we didn't have the correct settings. A must have!"

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