Over forty reasons not to get married

40-reasons-featuredI'm sure if you're over fifty and alone again, you could quite possibly  think of lots of reasons to never get married again.  Did you ever consider writing down all of the reasons? Kate Papas did. In fact, she published a book titled Married or... merry: The International Greek Book of Marriage, or 40+1 Reasons Not to Get Married. It's a hilarious look at all of the reasons she can think of, why you should never marry. I realize, this comes a little too late for most of us, but you don't have to make the same mistake twice, like I did. I'm afraid I'm a slow learner. Although I do learn by mistakes... after I've made the same one a few times....

Kate asks, "What are the ingredients of a marriage? Pure love? Free sex? Nice home cooked food? Children playing around? Then, what about mother- in- laws, divorce, hatred and alimony? In my opinion, in Greece and all over the world, marriage is a mystery and -even worse -- 'the secret to a happy marriage remains a secret…'"

It isn't a fair world. If you ask some couples, who appear happily married, what their secret is, most times they can't tell you. Or if they know you and your situation, they like to go off on some philosophical rant that ends with you feeling like a fool. Maybe sometimes, it's better not to ask. But, if there was one consistent truth behind the whole ordeal, you would likely have to pay a high price for it. And of course, you pay to get married too.

One of the reasons she speaks can be likened to Siamese twins. Often one partner of the marriage will feel suffocated, and complain their partner is too clingy. Although funny to think of, it makes it hard for some couples to have outside interests; the clingy partner demands the presence of the other, at all times. Granted, some couples can learn to be happy this way, but other times it can lead to resentment. It's like eating chocolate. It's all sweet and good at first, but a steady diet of it will make you sick.

The Kindle version of the  book is being offered for free today as part of an Amazon promotion. Click here to download it now and save yourself $7.99. I'm sure you will agree that once you have read through it, you will be appreciating your independence, even if newly found. And, if you have some additional great reasons for getting married, you're welcome to add them in the comments section below.

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