Over Fifty and Taking Control

ron-featuredMany people over fifty are taking control of their own lives these days, but others are having a problem with it. If you have made a lifestyle choice that you're going to spend the next 50+ alone, then to some degree you've already started to take control. But, this is only one aspect of your life. There are other issues you may need to look at as well before you have complete control.

If you are recently divorced, or lost your life partner, lost your job, having money problems, have become indecisive -- these are all things that need to be addressed. Of course, it's entirely possible that there are going to be circumstances you can't control, but you can control how you choose to react to them.

It can take time to get over circumstances surrounding relationship difficulties. We all understand this. Part of the path to recovery is accepting this and giving yourself the time. There isn't a given, for the amount of time required. We are all different; it takes as long as it takes. Still, if you can shift your focus to other things you can control, it's possible the loss or hurt won't control your life. It's so sad when this happens to someone.

So where do you start?

control-ebookRonald Haines, author of I am Taking Control: Healthy Aging and Financial Security for Baby Boomers feels that by concentrating on our aging and money issues, that we can use this as a foundation. He says, "With retirement age bearing down on us it’s imperative for us baby boomers to take control of our own health and wealth now to ensure the next thirty to forty years or more truly are our best. The great news is that you can easily get to your ideal weight without some crazy diet and you don’t need millions of dollars socked away to live the life you want. The boomer generation has always rejected the established ways of doing things and if you’ve found yourself scratching your head about what is considered conventional wisdom, you’re already on the right track. Baby boomer retirement is going to be different, but it is going to be up to us as individuals to make it happen. Take control now and be as fit, active and carefree as you want while thoroughly enjoying the best time of your life on your own terms."

And we can really make it the best time of our lives. People fifty and over are often working less and playing more. But unless you are taking care of yourself, you will feel less like enjoying these years. That is defeating the whole purpose of getting to this age. Watch Ronald below as he talks about aging.

Of course, if you're going to live longer, as most of us boomers do these days, you need to make sure you're managing financially too. Ronald says he isn't rich, he's just an average guy like you or me. And his book I am taking Control offers some great tips on how you can make sure you have enough money to last you for the next 50+ years.

His book offers some great financial tips, that could be implemented by anyone, and it offers suggestions on how you may be able to supplement your income, should you need to.

I think everyone over fifty should read this book. And it won't cost you a cent to have a look at it if you get it today.  The Kindle version is being offered for free for the next 24-48 hours as an Amazon promotion, so download it now and read  "The Taking Control To Do List" that will start preparing you today for the next 50+ years.

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