Over fifty and still doing homework

homework-featuredPeople fifty and over can help their grand-kids with homework. Of course it's possible in this day and age that your grandchildren may not live close enough to drop by for help. But this doesn't mean that you still can't help.

Most of you who have family that lives farther away than you care for already know about Skype. You can call computer to computer for free and talk as long as you want to. You can do video calls, so you can actually see the grand-kids as you talk to them. But, there is also a program that works with Skype, IDroo - Online educational multiuser whiteboard. It's FREE for non-commercial use, which means you can use it to help your grand-kids do their math homework. Yes, even math.

Watch the video below to see how it can be used.

You can see what a great tool it could be for you and your grand-kids to use. And it's a way to be more involved in their lives, especially if they live too far away to visit often.

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