Over fifty and looking for work?

finding-work-featuredI know a number of people over fifty who are looking for work. As unemployment rates, in both the United States and Canada, continue to rise, it may be time to get a little more proactive in searching for a job. Just using a resume in this day and age isn't enough. We know each cover letter to include with the resume should be tailored to the specific job you're applying for, but how many of you are aware that potential employers could be checking you out online?

According to Nelson Wang, who is the author of Push: 50 Secrets on How to Land a Job by Creating Social Media Buzz, he says: "More than 90% of recruiters/hiring managers visit a job candidate’s profile on a social network."

That could be a little scary, depending on who is commenting on your Facebook, and what kind of language is being used. Of course, some of what you or others may have posted, can be controlled to a certain extent by setting permissions on your posts as to who can view the content. Still, if you have an obscene but hilarious cartoon that you have posted to your wall from some other profile, the permissions may be already set to public. This means a potential employer could see it. There might be a way around this though, if you don't mind taking a chance...

Nelson's book describes how you can get the most out of social media sites to help you find a job. It talks about using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as using a blog. A blog can certainly be very useful, because you can list all of your accomplishments. People who are new to blogging don't really need to worry about programming or hosting to do this. You can setup up a WordPress blog for free at wordpress.com that can serve as your main focal point online, and then link to a Facebook Page (not the same as a Facebook Profile) and a Twitter account that have both been created for the one purpose of helping you find a job. If you have this url on your resume, and it includes links to both Twitter and Facebook, there is a much better chance that a potential employer may not go snooping to see what they can access on your personal FB profile.

Jason is right, potential employers will research you online. Before Facebook became as popular as it is, I've had more than one client read through the discussion forum on my business website. It gives them a better idea of how I would interact with people if I was hired, and also, what kind of team player I might be. I suppose, you're wondering how I know this? It's simple -- they told me they were checking me out.

After reading Push: 50 Secrets on How to Land a Job by Creating Social Media Buzz, I may have to put up another website myself. I'm hoping to pick up a couple of more clients this year for my web development business at HomeBusiness Websites, and it just so happens I have the perfect domain name for this new site.

Jason's book is free for the next 24-48 hours as an Amazon promotion. If you're looking for a job or more work, this will certainly give you some valuable ideas.

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