Outsource your job and stay home

It isn't any secret. Outsourcing work to other countries where the value of the dollar is greater than here at home, has a lot of North American countries sending work to places like India. They can get the same work done by office employees there, for a fraction of the cost of what it would cost here. I suppose since the foreign companies who get this work are contractors, home companies can save a lot of money on the costs by not paying into Employment Insurance, Health benefits, vacation time, etc.

Okay, now let's forget about companies outsourcing.... What if an employee at a local company decided to outsource his own job? Does this sound far-fetched? Maybe; maybe not. That's exactly what one developer did. He goofed off at his desk, and hired someone from China to do his work for him at one-fifth the wages he received.

Click here to read the story on the CBC website.

Think I'll start applying for over fifty jobs 😉 There is good money to be made until you get caught!

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