Not a perfect fit

A recent experience inspired this post. It's all about "fitting in" and whether or not it's something to worry about.

I want to drive traffic to this website of course so I thought I would list it with some blog directories. Some of the better ones review each submission, and they don't list yours unless they approve of your blog and content.

An email I received back this morning from Goblog4i said:

We are sorry to inform you that your blog Submission titled as "50 + alone" has been disapproved and deleted from our Site, as it did not fulfill some of our minimum required criteria for blog Approval.

A second email I received this morning, this time from Blog Directory List said:


50+ and Alone Hey, nice blog:)

We reviewed your blog and we love it and has now been included in our blog directory.  Blog Directory List.

All this does is prove that old saying "you can't please everyone, all of the time" and as far as I am concerned, you shouldn't even try to.

I suppose this is more true for those of us over fifty. From observing my teenage daughter and her friends it certainly isn't true. Teenagers always want to "fit in" and they go to great lengths to do this. They need to wear certain brands of clothes. Their hair has to be styled the right way... we seem to lose this as we get older. No... I'm not talking about just the hair 😉

Once you're over 50, no one seems to care what you look like. Your friends and family are just glad you're alive. Yes, we've all had some losses along the way with friends and family who left us, to what we perceive as, before their time.

So if you're alive, and I hope that you are if you're reading this, let's not be concerned about trying to please everyone. Let's live our lives for ourselves.





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2 comments on “Not a perfect fit

  1. I spent hours listing my site to what is known as the RSSTop55 – Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites. Years ago it brought the traffic in. Today you wind up with a bunch of icons (’cause you have to add them to your site or else they don’t accept your blog submission) that link back to useless directories that you don’t get any traffic from.

    I would hap-hazard a guess that Goblog4i is as useless as the rest of them…. which is why all links and graphics to blog directories have been removed from this site. That being said, you’re welcome to give it a try yourself it you want….

  2. Jenny Fern says:

    Just bookmarked your site, thanks for sharing!

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