Natural Remedies for Heartburn

heartburn-featuredEveryone gets Heartburn at times. Others suffer from acid reflux disease. There are a lot of different medications you can buy; many without a prescription. They aren't meant to be used to relieve symptoms if you often have it, though. Antacids can do quite a bit of damage if used regularly. You should see your doctor if it occurs frequently. There may be a reason and a better treatment. If you know certain foods or beverages trigger the symptoms, it's best to avoid them. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

The problem with long term use of antacids can cause diarrhea or constipation, nausea, and even prevent certain vitamins from being absorbed into your body. They can upset acids in your stomach which can make the situation even  worse. There are more natural and better ways to treat the problem as I discovered in C.D. Shelton's book, Acid Reflux (Heartburn: Tips to Stop Acid Reflux Using Simple Natural Remedies).

This short ebook explains how simple natural remedies can help you with gerd, indigestion, reflux and any heartburn conditions you may be experiencing. It also goes into more detail on the dangers of antacids. It's only 14 pages long, but if you suffer from this condition, it might be well worth it to have this in your digital library. It's being offered for free today as part of an Amazon promotion. Click here to get it now.

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