Milk bad — cow manure OK….

Back when I was  kid, we had fresh milk delivered to our doorstep. Well... the small town I lived in only had about 150 people in it, so the farmer that milked the cows was also the milk delivery man. Later on, as we boys grew, and my folks expanded their little hobby farm, we had our own cow that got milked twice a day. But pure milk/raw milk is not approved by the government to sell or distribute to the public any longer.

At the same time they have approved a number of chemicals that can be put into our foods, and these foods can also be labeled as organic. That link is to an article about  the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but Canada is the same.

James Stewart, an advocate of raw milk from California, who is a 65 year old man, , recently got arrested for promoting raw milk but most news agencies haven't published the story. Why is that? Were the major news agencies threatened?

The article says:

California is now in the business of torturing senior citizens who advocate real food. 65-year-old James Stewart, the California “milk man,” was recently arrested under trumped-up charges, then “lost” in the LA County jail for over a week, during which he was subjected to hypothermia, torture, interrogations, involuntary medical procedures, verbal intimidation, food deprivation and even had his jail cell flooded with raw sewage which he was forced to clean up by hand.

Well.... of course, I don't have all the answers, but I'll tell you what really chokes me up. The next day I read an article describing how cow manure is being sprayed on grapes to make wine that is being sold to the general public.

So... that's OK?!! I don't think so.

In a book called The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick - And What We Can Do About It  Robyn O’Brien turns to accredited research conducted in Europe that confirms the toxicity of America’s food supply, and traces the relationship between Big Food and Big Money that has ensured that the United States is one of the only developed countries in the world to allow hidden toxins in our food—toxins that can be blamed for the alarming recent increases in allergies, ADHD, cancer, and asthma among our children. And at the same time, don't think you're safe because you live in Canada. Pretty much of what flies in the US flies here too.

So if you're 50+, alone, take it from me: Have a cow, man! 😉 Just be careful what both of you eat. If you are outraged about current policies towards raw milk and want to do something about it, please see the additional comment(s) here.





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  1. Thanks for your comment Rachal. I linked to the sources. Perhaps you missed the links….

  2. rachal says:

    Nice post!…

    TY for your post but could u please cite your sources next time?…

  3. I learned after I posted this article, from my friend Jean Marsh, that there is a FaceBook group you can join called the Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy who are a group of Canadian consumers working to regain the legal right to provide our families with clean, healthy raw milk and it’s various products. Our antiquated laws can and should be modified so that consumers do not need to own a farm in order to access raw milk openly.

    They also have a website set up or it, where you can download and print off a petition in pdf form to mail back to them. They need the hand signed originals to present to the Federal House of Commons and copies of these petitions will be presented to provincial governments as well. If you would like to help, please mail the signed petitions to the mailing address on the petition by September 15, 2012.

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