Marijuana Cures Cancer: David Triplett’s Story


There is a lot of information being published these days about the medical uses for marijuana.  And when it is concentrated and formed into an oil -- thousands of people are claiming it is a cancer cure. Is it? I don't have first-hand knowledge whereby someone I know has used it to cure their cancer. But it's getting harder to dispute the idea from the amount of testimonials being produced in favor of its use.

I ran across a video today on YouTube produced by David Triplett. He says, "This is a documentary of how myself and others cured our cancers using an alternative and controversial treatment: cannabis oil. It's a proven fact that CBD and THC, two of many components in cannabis, shrink tumors and cure cancer. This documentary shows my cancer being cured and explores the history and politics of cannabis and cancer. You will also see samples of many antique cannabis medicine bottles."

I've been following Rick Simpson on Facebook for quite a while now. Every day I see new testimonials from people who have followed his advice about using cannabis oil to cure medical problems. Last week I saw one fellow post he had used it to help his COPD, which really isn't cancer related. Watch the video below to see how it cured David Triplett's skin cancer.

Now before you start pointing fingers saying "All you potheads...."

I don't smoke marijuana. Tried it when I was a teenager a few decades ago and didn't care for it. I just think we all need to be spreading the word that this drug has the ability to save lives, and it should be legalized for this reason. People who need to grow it to treat diseases or condition should be allowed to do so.

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