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fbookHey! There isn't any need to limit the conversation of this community to just this website. So we can develop conversations, share ideas, articles, pictures, just whatever we want to do, there is now an official Facebook page for this website too. Just click the FB icon to the left, and we'll take you there. Like the page, and then post whatever you want to share or join the conversations already in progress.

Mind you, there isn't a lot there right now, because it's just been created. If you want to do it later, just hover your mouse over the "About me" link in the menu at the top of the page. You will see a dropdown menu that says, "Facebook". You will be able to find this information and link again.

Still, I look forward to meeting you, and providing you a place where issues for people over fifty can discuss what's going on and important in your lives.

Steve MacLellan




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