Is it really just a little kiss?

It starts innocently enough.... but you can tell here, from this picture; the poor boy doesn't have a chance. I remember my first love when I was about the same age.

She was the cutest little thing I ever saw. Why, just to look at her -- it took my breath away. Heck, we all knew girls have "cooties" but I was drawn to her like the infectious disease had already become parasitic.

I didn't even want to chum with my buddies. I wanted to spend all of my time with her. It wasn't until years later that I discovered a healthy dose of testosterone can lead men through a complicated series of emotions, that some of us are so ill equipped to deal with.  " Never even had a chance" -- is a phrase that comes to mind.

Louis L'Amour writes in his novel Galloway:

Dumb as I was about women I'd watched them enough to know they like to play one man against another, and like to feel wanted even if they ain't. Now Meg had set her cap, or seemed to, for Curly Dunn and right away I come around saying he doesn't amount to much, and then Curly set to prove me right.

Always get a kick out of the phrase "set her cap" --- I think Louis L'Amour coined that phrase. At least I haven't heard it anyplace else, though it crops up a lot in his western novels. A finer author has never been born!

Regardless of whether you're young or old, you have to be a little wary about those girls who would "set their cap" for you and realize that if you're over 50 and alone, and want to stay that way.... you have to be on guard for female tricks. My poor grandson Ethan, who is pictured above receiving his first kiss, is in more trouble than he could possibly realize at his young age.




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4 comments on “Is it really just a little kiss?

  1. Looks like the starting of a fan club.

    • Harold Brown says:

      Lucky you. Very complimentry would’t you say?

      • Yes in a way. The whole point about blogging is to be able to express your ideas. The whole point of enabling the blog to accept comments is that you want to hear other people’s opinions on your views….

        Of course we don’t all think alike, and I think that’s a good thing. For the same reason we have the “party of opposition” in parliament.

        Sharon and I don’t share the same view but I respect her opinion. I don’t think drawing a conclusion that I hate women, is a fair and objective opinion, and I don’t think I implied that in the article. For some reason Sharon seemed to read that into it.

        You know, we can’t always control all of the circumstances in our lives but we do get to choose how we react to them. Sharon’s post is confrontational; much like a head-butt. Not a problem; she stated her opinion and she is welcome to it, but I get to decide whether this blog turns into a BIG “flame fest”… and it just ain’t gonna’ happen. Just because a child makes a noise — doesn’t mean you have to pick it up.

        However, intelligent replies, rebuttals and opinions will be responded to as time permits. But it may be in the form of other posters responding to it, if I don’t have time myself.

  2. sharon says:

    this Steve guy seems to have a real hate on for women. In his mind, we’re all a bunch of scheming, manipulative bitches. Don’t worry Steve, any woman who reads your posts won’t be “settin’ her cap” for you! However the fact that you have a grandson tells me that either you are or were married. I suppose she’s just another scheming manipulative bitch who sucked you in. Don’t you have two legs of your own to stand on?

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