How To Talk To Anyone

let-talk-featuredIf you're over fifty and recently single again, you need to get out and start meeting people. Funny about couples -- even when you're visiting friends, sometimes either the man or the woman will be the one who carries most of conversation, and sometimes the other partner gets used to not having to carry the ball in social situations and is only too happy to let their spouse do it. Of course, now that you're single again, if you were the quiet one, you have to learn how to do it yourself.

How To Talk To Anyone by Susan Jameson can help you learn to do it. The book is new and doesn't have any reviews yet, but it looks like it has some good solid advice. Chapter #1 talks about effective tools for communication, and chapter #2 gets right into "How to break the ice."

There are also sections for job interviews, dating, and public speaking. Plus there is more to it than this. But these two are pretty important. Often times we don't find ourselves in just one new situation. For example, if you moved away after your divorce, you could be looking for a job, or you may have forgotten how to ask someone for a date.

Here is what Susan says about it:

“How To Talk To Anyone” is jam-packed with very simple and easy to follow procedures which will help you develop strong conversation skills with people you know and people you don't know. This skill is meant to help you build lasting connections with people and feel at ease while doing it regardless of your knowledge of the subject or topic.

So if you want to learn the skills to not only break the ice but melt it away with your conversational skills, then “How To Talk To Anyone” is perfect for you!

The Kindle version of this book is being offered free today as part of an Amazon promotion. So if you need to improve your conversation skills, download it now by clicking here.

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