How to survive Dec. 21, 2012

Canadians urged to prepare for 'doomsday' by Red Cross. It isn't any joke. There is an article with the warning on the CBC website. Click here to read it.

It is a sad, sad day, that I must pen my last message to you who are my friends, readers and family. The end of the world is nigh.

I'm sure many of you are wondering how this is going to come about. Is it going to be one massive explosion? Earthquakes? Tidal waves? Volcanoes erupting? I wasn't sure myself, so I looked into it for you. I found an expert on the subject, Patrick Geryl, who shows what to expect in the video below.

Naturally, I was intrigued by his apparent marvellous interpretation. Maybe he knows more, so I endeavoured to discover more. Can he help mankind?

In his book, The World Cataclysm in 2012, Patrick Geryl says he believes that the knowledge that can save the world from the cataclysm of 2012 can be excavated from The Labyrinth of ancient Egypt, a storehouse of Atlantean knowledge which is linked in prophecy to the Mayan predictions. The mathematics and astronomy of the ancient Egyptians and Mayans are related and have similar predictive power and should be taken very seriously.

Click here to order it now! If you click that link it will take you to the Amazon website. You will see the paperback version can't be delivered until Dec. 27th. So I would suggest getting the Kindle version. You can download that right after you order. It's over 300 pages, so you best be quick about it if you plan on having it read by tomorrow.

It would be wise to follow the Red Cross instructions as well. The aid agency said every household should have several items at the ready to last 72 hours:

  • Six litres of water per person.
  • Enough non-perishable food for each person and a can opener.
  • Crank- or battery-operated flashlight and radio, with extra batteries.
  • Extra keys for car and house.
  • First aid kit.
  • Cash in small bills.
  • Special needs items such as medications, baby supplies and equipment for people with disabilities.

I wish you well folks! Hopefully... someday, we will meet again....




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  1. Maybe I’ll talk you you again tomorrow…. or not….

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