How to be happy though married — free eBook

This ebook is free to download. It's in pdf format. It's quite entertaining. The advice is very old-fashioned; something that may have been closer to the truth 50 years ago. Example: Cobbett tells us that there was a drunken man in his regiment, who used to say that his wife would forgive him for spending all the pay, and the washing money into the bargain, "if he would but kiss her ugly brat, and say it was pretty."

It has been received very well too:

"The author has successfully accomplished a difficult task in writing a clever and practical book on the important subject of matrimony.... This book, which is at once entertaining and full of wise precepts, deserves to be widely read."—Morning Post.

"A rich store of entertaining anecdote, and full of thoughts beautiful, pious, and wise. Has a
tasteful binding."—Bookseller.

Click here to download it. Please feel free to share it with your friends and family. If you have a website or blog, you're more than welcome to offer it to your website visitors as a free gift. You are not allowed to sell it.

Hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcomed.





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    Cool. Your blog looks great, and I’m glad i’ve found something here worth adding to my favorites.

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