GMO Alfalfa may be poisonous

gmo-alfalfa-featuredIf you're over fifty, you have to be wondering about what kind of mess we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. Especially when it comes to GMO crops being grown. An article I read this morning on the CBC News website says, "no genetically modified alfalfa varieties are registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency" which would make one think we are safe from it, but Monsanto claims over 98 percent of the alfalfa crops are already non-organic.

This means there is a serious contamination issue. Unlike corn, alfalfa doesn't need to be planted every year. And there is evidence that supports dairy cows fed GMO crops have produced milk that contains the genetically modified DNA.

Watch the video below to learn more about this serious threat.

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network released a new report this month titled "The Inevitability of Contamination from GM Alfalfa Release in Ontario: The case for preventing the introduction of Roundup Ready alfalfa". It links to a pdf file that is freely available to download, if you care to read it.

Recent testing on GMO corn with similar modified organisms was found to contain chlorides, formaldehyde, glyphosate, and other harmful chemicals, and they were identified to be in dangerously high levels.

It really makes one wonder, what the powers that be are thinking... You know, you read articles like "The Drug Company Pleads Guilty to Health Fraud" and drugs that could make us well, (read: 1000 Pages of Cannabis Research Links) it really makes you wonder whether they are trying to control our population, or feed money into the Health Care and Research industry. They are certainly keeping medication away from us that could do a lot of good by making it illegal.

Maybe it isn't any wonder why NASA has a mission to find other habitable planets. We have all but destroyed our own, and GMO Alfalfa is just another nail in our coffin. Maybe if we could move some of the population to another planet, we could quit making people sick on this one.

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