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I love to read, but unfortunately I don't seem to find a lot of time for it these days. Too busy doing other things. But these days you don't have to worry about forgetting your book at home. The Amazon free  Kindle reader has reader apps you can install on most of your electronic devices.

There are many free Kindle reader apps. One of them will let you read books right in your browser. And there are apps for Windows , smart phones such as Blackberry, Andriod and iPhone, plus supporting apps for iPad and Android tablets.

I ran across a website that offers over 100 books you can download for free. But if you're Canadian, there might be a trick involved. Read the FAQ on the site. It says:

The book prices are based on the US amazon site, AKA, But, there is a "trick". Because the books are often only free in the US, just replace your site ( with amazon.COM when you are redirected. I have heard this works pretty well for people.

Read thousands of free books with a Kindle App, including popular classics like The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and Treasure Island! And please share your experience here.

Update 07/21/2012: There's been a new page added to this site that will allow you to download up to 5 free eBooks per month. Click here to check it out too.




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