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Once you register for this site you can get up to 5 free eBooks per month.

Standardmemberships are FREE and allow members unlimited access to eBooks in the HTML format and access to 5 eBooks each and every month in the PDF and/or TXT formats.

VIP Memberships are available for a small fee, but provide a wide range of additional benefits to VIP Members. Besides unlimited access to the HTML, Text and PDF formats, VIP members can also download unlimited books in the MobiPocket and ePub formats, get first access to new books, priority customer service, storage space for their favorites, and much more.

But for that matter, I know for a fact the PDF format works fine on many tablets. I have a friend who has an Android tablet. He doesn't have any problem reading pdf books. And, here at home, Kelsey and I share an iPad (I bought) and it displays PDF books really well. I just recently got her a few.

So if you like to read, click the banner above to get started. You will also see another banner for the same thing in the far right hand column of every page on this blog.



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  1. I think we are going to see a big demand for eBooks in the coming years. You can read them without a lamp, take them in the car, re-size the text to suit your vision. An iPad makes them a real joy to read.

  2. 50+ and Alone great post. I tought this piece of news would be of interest: Amazon said sales of its Kindle e-books have overtaken those of printed books in 2012. Unaudited figures released by the company show that since the start of the year, for every 100 printed books sold on its site, customers downloaded 114 ebooks, …

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