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    Hi Steve,

    I hear what you’re saying about deciding to stay single is a lifestyle choice. I get that. But I found Valentine’s Day real difficult this year. I hate my ex and we’ve been divorced for 5 years, but I found I was full of mixed feelings on Valentine’s Day. I don’t want the man back, but I feel like there’s something missing in my life.

    What about you? How did you feel on Valentine’s Day? Do you feel the same way?



    Steve MacLellan

    Hi Donna,

    Funny you would ask that question. Shortly after my divorce I moved back home to Nova Scotia and I had mentioned to a friend, who had been single for years, that I found it a bit difficult living alone. I asked him if he ever found it hard, and his reply was, “You get used to it.”

    And… you do Donna! You really do. Of course like anyone else, I’ve had thoughts of pursuing other relationships, but every time I see a couple fighting over something stupid, I remind myself that this is why I’m happy to be single again.

    Here’s a good example:

    When I first moved home I lived in an apartment. During one of the worst snowstorms in the last decade, a young married women who had three little children was making her way across the parking lot to the shared laundry room. She was accompanied by a girlfriend who must have been spending the night. I heard her say to her girlfriend that “Ya,’ I couldn’t wait for him to shovel the deck off so I did it myself.”

    At that time, it hadn’t been storming for more than a couple of hours, so there was a lot more snow to come. I’m not judging her; perhaps he had done something earlier in the day, so she felt justified in making him feel like an ass over the snow on the deck. But at the same time, I was saying to myself, “See? This is why you want to stay single. I’m never going to let anyone speak to me like that again.”

    LOL… take note, I did not mean to eavesdrop on my neighbor. I had stepped out on the deck to see how bad the storm was getting.

    The young woman’s story goes from bad to worse — they separated. He was holding down 2-3 jobs to support his family and got killed in a car accident going to work one day. :-(


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