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    Steve MacLellan

    All of the clients I have built websites for, have already registered a domain name before they contact me and ask me to develop their sites. That’s fine, I just do what I get paid to do. But if you’re thinking of registering a domain name, I’d like to pass on some tips.

    Go to Google Adwords search and do a search using the keywords you would expect people, who will be looking for your site , might type in at Google.

    Let’s use an example. Suppose you are very talented in crafts and want to sell ebooks to mothers of various crafts they can do with their children. Heck, maybe you’ll turn it into a membership site. So you type in crafts, and as a sub-category you choose arts and crafts. Then you do a search.

    The first thing you will see is “crafts for kids” which has 823,000 searches in the US on a monthly basis. Then, if you type those keywords into the regular Google search, you see that the websites that are returned on the first page. Take a look at those websites and then enter their domain names into Too many of those sites have a pagerank of 5-6, so with a new site, if “crafts for kids” are your keywords, it would take a long time and a LOT of work before you ever made it to the front page of Google.

    So what we are looking for are keywords that will describe your site that are only getting between 15K-55 thousand searches per month. You have a much better chance of getting your site listed on the first page…. which mean you’ll make money.

    I see the terms “fun crafts” has 60,500 monthly searches in the US. That’s close to what we are looking for. And it says the competition for these keywords is low… which sounds even better. But then when we do a search for the keywords in Google, and check the pagerank of those on the first page, we see the competition is still stiffer than what we would like to have.

    We go down the list and we find “homemade crafts” which has in the US, 18,000 searches for monthly. Then if we click the link for insights we see “homemade kids crafts” has an equal amount of searches, but when we check out some of the results for these keywords in the Google search, we see that the competition for these three keywords is stiffer (because the sites returned in the search have higher pageranks) than it is for just the two words: homemade crafts.

    Please keep in mind, this article is only an example. You might actually want to spend more than 15 minutes on finding the right keywords for your website.

    When we view the results of “homemade crafts” in Google we can see on the first page that a couple of these only have a pagerank of 2, and one of them has a pagerank of 0. Let’s look at the one that has a pagerank of 0. If we take that url and enter it at we see it has a traffic rank of 1,929 with over 42,144 links to it.

    That’s why it’s on page 1 for the search terms and it’s why it’s competing with sites that have a pagerank of 2-5. One of the other sites that has a pagerank of 2 only has 2,548 sites linking to it. The other one, with a pagerank of 2, only has 201 sites linking to it, and, an Alexa ranking of 435,896.

    Again, this is only an example, and I’ve just done the research for these keywords as I typed this post, but if you decided this might be where your site would fit in, then you might register a domain name similar to This domain name is already taken, but there isn’t any website on it. On the other-hand, is available.

    The idea here is, if you have your keywords in the url, that’s one less battle for getting found. At the same time, optimizing your website, keywords, good use of title and meta tags only adds up to about 20% of your luck getting on the first page of Google with any keywords. These days Google pays more attention to the number and quality of backlinks your site has, which explains why the website with a pagerank of 0 and 42.000+ links can compete with sites that have a much higher pagerank.


    Mike Tyler

    Hey Steve!

    How’s that snow storm treating you?

    You mentioned clients you built websites for. I didn’t know you were a web designer. Although I might have guessed by looking at this site. You’ve done a great job! How long have you been at it? And if work at it — why this site?

    Not that I’m complaining. You share some great info here.



    Steve MacLellan

    Hi Mike,

    The snow? Yes, it’s been crazy this weekend. I would no sooner than get done shoveling my driveway when the wind would just blow it in again. It’s supposed to war m up the net 2-3 days. Be glad if it takes some of this snow away.

    RE: websites

    I’ve been developing websites for a long time. My domain name for my web development business is It’s been registered since 1999, but I was working and making a full-time living from it for a couple of years before I put the website up. Of course, like anything else, there have been a few challenges along the way. Hoping to take on a couple of new clients this year.

    I used to send out a newsletter from the site. It was always about web development. But I got tired of writing those type of articles since it’s what I do for a living.

    This site,, was just started last year. It’s a hobby site, doesn’t make me much money — but I enjoy it.

    Thanks for asking!




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