Firefox video problem

There have been several reports of YouTube videos that don't play in Firefox, but play fine in other browsers. Firefox support is blaming this on Adobe, but since the videos play fine in other browsers it's clearly a Firefox problem. All of the videos on this site are YouTube videos and are coded properly. If you can't view them using a Firefox browser, it really is a Firefox problem, as this site as been tested on various browsers and devices that besides Firefox include Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer8, Chrome, K-Meleon, iPhone and iPad. On all of these other browsers and devices everything displays fine.




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One comment on “Firefox video problem

  1. I’ve been browsing the Firefox support forum on and off since I had this problem this morning. Some has posted a solution that worked for me. Apparently there is a new feature n the flash plugin. It says:

    Starting with Flash Player 11.3, a protected mode was added as a new security enhancement for Firefox 4.0 and greater on Windows Vista and higher. This security enhancement is designed to limit the impact of attacks launched from malicious Flash content (SWF files).

    Click here to open a new browser tab to see the instructions to disable the new automatic protect mode.

    Steve MacLellan

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