Female tricks to watch out for

First, I realize there are tricks men use to get women to date them too. Maybe one of these days I will write an article about it. But for this post I want to discuss an article I found on this website. If you click the link, the article will open in a popup.

When I read that article, I realized that some women may to a lot more planning when it comes to relationships. I couldn't help but think that most guys just kind of go with the flow. And we're happy not to put labels on our relationships. As a good friend of mine often says, "it is what it is".

Don't push him into embarrassing situations as suggested as  #1 in the article. That just makes him feel like a cage is being closed around him. He won't talk about it, but he won't like it either. And he'll make excuses to avoid your friend in future social gatherings.

#2 in the article is just more fluff of the same nature. Embarrassing  a guy isn't going to get you a date with him.

#3 isn't so bad. Sure invite him to hang out with you and your friends, but at the same time... don't take it personally if he says no. As the author suggests he will appreciate the gesture of friendship, but hanging out with a bunch of people he doesn't know  likely is  very low priority for him.

If it does happen, and he is going to be at your place for a few minutes to pick you up, you'd best be hiding any girly magazines like Cosmopolitan! Some women take the advice of articles they read in these type of magazines. When we see them laying around, it makes us wonder what kind of bad ideas you may have already learned. Then, on the other hand, I've seen guys (and ones that were good at picking up women) read these kind magazines. I've been told it helps them know how women think.

The problem with the advice in the article, and similar articles in other magazines, is that doing some planning and manipulating potential outcomes. If it was to ever come out... no man like to feel like he's been played. The most important thing in ANY relationship is trust.

Rather than reading articles that could steer you down the wrong course, you would be much better taking the advice if a professional like Doctor Paul R. VeHorn. Dr. Paul did graduate studies in behavior psychology and is an International Relationship Consultant.

Dr. Paul's philosophy is based on his research and observations developed through years as a nationwide talk show host! Thousands of listeners and viewers have shared their experiences and feelings with him. If you are truly seeking a relationship, an engagement, or a marriage, then Boomer Girls is an absolute must reference for your personal guide to men and dating!

If you're a woman and interested in bagging yourself another partner at this stage in the game, you might want to have a look at Boomer Girls (A Boomer Woman's Guide To Men & Dating) and learn methods that don't utilize tricky and manipulation. Watch the video below to see what Dr. Paul says about trust.

That's a wrap for this post. But if you're a man reading this post, please use the comment section below and tell us how you feel about any of these tricks or others that may have been used on you. And of course.... woman readers are welcome to voice their opinions on trust and trickery too.




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2 comments on “Female tricks to watch out for

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  2. Kayla Tycer says:

    I never tried any of the tricks listed in the article…. never! But I did show up at his workplace one time with some KFC when he said he wasn’t able to go out, because he had to work late.

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