Dog Training in a Nutshell

dog-training-featuredOne of the things you might decide to do if you're over fifty and going solo, is to get a pet. Dogs are a good choice, and far more favored than cats. (The dog told me to say that). But you'll need to train it. There isn't anything worse than having someone come to your house and your dog is being unruly.

There is a book being offered for free for the next couple of days on Amazon titled Adult Dog Training in a Nutshell by Tim Carter.  Although not overly long, it covers numerous things I never thought of when training. He talks about becoming your dogs Accepted Pack Leader, and it never occurred to me that this was necessary. After reading his book, I can say it is.

One thing Tim mentions, that I would comment on, is:

"...body language, tone of voice etc communicates much more to our dog than we become aware."

This is very true. When I was a teen and our family got a new pup, I took the initiative to train her. But rather than using just voice commands, I used hand gestures too. For example, the command to lie down was done with a closed fist and motioning down. At first, I would put  the closed fist on the floor. And when she finally got the hint and laid down, the fist would open so she could access the treat hidden inside. Which became important later on. She was a cross between German Shepherd and Rottweiler, and she was quite protective of the home turf. When people she didn't know came to the house, the closed fist motioning down, would prompt her to lie down and not cause a fuss.

Tim's book doesn't include hand gestures, but as he mentions in the above quote, dogs can become very attuned to body language. I just took it a step farther. Then, I really didn't have any idea what I was doing. But if you're thinking of getting a dog, you might as well make sure you know how to train it, so click her to download Tim's book today, while it's free.

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