Do I need a toaster oven?

toast-featuredIf you live by yourself, or only have to prepare small meals, I've read that toaster ovens can save you quite a bit of money by the end of the year. An article on says, "A toaster oven uses about 1225 to 1550 watts, while an electric oven set at 350 degrees F might use about 2000 watts. Conservationists recommend using the toaster oven to cook small meals and heat leftovers. A toaster oven only uses one third to one half the energy, compared to what a conventional oven uses when preparing the same food.  Using a toaster oven when preparing small amounts of food can result in a significant savings at the end of the year." That's good to know since our electricity rates are going up by 7% over the next two years.

Of course you can get your meals cooked up a little quicker too, since you don't have to wait so long for it to heat up as the regular oven.

I was browsing through and ran across some nice reviews for the Cuisinart TOB-155 Toaster Oven Broiler, Stainless/Black which is marked down by 44% off the list price for $139. I see they also got a used one for $85. Here is a better picture of it below. You can also read more about it, including some great reviews by clicking here.


I try to watch how much electricity I use. Since my daughter left, my bill is already down over $120 every two months. I mean, I sue less hot water, there is only one TV running at any given time, less hot water, and sue of the washer and dryer --- and I try to limit the use of the lights in the early morning and evening to only what I need.

But, I still use the oven quite a bit. Sometimes I will cook a small ham, chicken or roast. And I always put my fish in the oven. And then too... I must admit I have a weakness for the Cavendish Flavor Crisp, Spicy Fries.

This might be the toaster I wind up buying. It's 17.8 x 16 x 9.6 inches ; 16.8 pounds. So this isn't anything like the flimsy little one that used to set on the counter when I was married. That one wasn't any heavier or sturdier than the toaster used for just toast. No... this one has state-of-the-art electronic touchpad controls, and a capacity large enough to let it double as a second oven. Cuisinart makes baking a whole chicken, broiling fish, or toasting 6 slices of bread easy as pie!

If you would like to help out with some advice, please use the comment section below. Let me know about your experiences with these ones, and if you think this is the one I should get.

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