Defeating Cancer by Connie Strasheim

defeat-cancer-featuredIn this long-awaited book, Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative & Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How, health care journalist Connie Strasheim has done all the work for you. She conducted intensive interviews with fifteen highly regarded doctors who specialize in cancer treatment, asking them thoughtful, important questions, and then spent months compiling their information into organized, user-friendly chapters that contain the core principles upon which they base their approach to healing cancer. The practitioners interviewed are medical, osteopathic and naturopathic doctors, trained in a variety of integrative approaches to cancer treatment.

All aspects of treatment are covered, from anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer) remedies and immune system support, to dietary and lifestyle choices that result in the best outcomes for patients. The book also offers unique insights into healing, such as the pros and cons of different treatments and how to intelligently use chemotherapy. It discusses patient and practitioner challenges to healing, factors that affect healing, treatment outcomes and how to effectively combine multiple medical strategies to obtain the best results. Finally, it offers helpful insights to the friends and families of those coping with cancer. Cancer treatment is complex and controversial, and this book puts the treatment information you need in the palm of your hand.

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The book has 446 pages, but is being offered free today as an Amazon promotion. One of the reviewers said, "I have practiced medicine for 53 years, and a world without cancer is possible NOW. This book is a must-read and belongs in the hands of anyone who is affected by cancer." --Garry Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H), Leader, Kobayashi Cancer Study.

This book has 15 chapters, but here is what you will discover in the first three:

CHAPTER 1:  Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, PhD
What Cancer Is, What Causes It, and How to Treat It
The Role of Antineoplastons in Controlling Cancer Cells
How I Discovered Antineoplastons
Using Antineoplastons and Gene-Targeted Therapy to Treat Cancer
Treatment Process
Types of Antineoplastic and Gene-Targeted Medications
The Use of Antineoplastons for Other Diseases
Dietary and Supplement Recommendations
Preventing Cancer with Supplements
Treatment Outcomes
Training Other Doctors to Use Antineoplastons
Improving Cancer Care
The Problem with Conventional Oncology
When to Use Conventional Medicine to Treat Cancer
Side Effects of Gene-Targeted Therapies
Other Factors That Affect Patients' Healing
How Family and Friends Can Support Their Loved Ones with Cancer
Roadblocks to Healing
Insurance Coverage for Treatments
The Politics of Cancer Treatment in the United States and My
Battle with the FDA
The Future of Cancer Treatment
Last Words
Useful Websites
Contact Information for  Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD

CHAPTER 2: Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD

What Cancer Is and What Causes It
Treatment Protocol
Nutrient Supplementation
Pancreatic Enzymes
Considerations in Treatment
Treatment Outcomes
Other Doctors Who Do Pancreatic Enzyme Therapy
The Role of Stress, the Mind and Spirituality in Healing
The Problem with Conventional Cancer Care
Why Oncologists Use Conventional Medicine,
Even When It Doesn't Work
The Politics of Cancer and How It Affects Treatment Options
My Greatest Challenge as a Practitioner
How Friends and Family Can Support Their Loved Ones with Cancer
Last Words
Contact Information for Nicholas Gonzalez

CHAPTER 3: Robert Zieve, MD

What Cancer Is and What Causes It
The Role of Emotions in Cancer Development and
Healing Emotional Trauma
Treatment Approach
IPT--Insulin Potentiation Therapy and Metronomic Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy Sensitivity and Other Types of Testing
Addressing Growth Factors in Cancer
Building Up the Body with Botanicals, Vitamins and
Other Nutrients
Improving Cellular Energy and Immune Function
Building a Treatment Protocol in Layers
The Multi-Faceted Benefits of Herbal Remedies for Treating Cancer
Dietary Recommendations
Treatment Outcomes
Patient/Practitioner Challenges to Healing
Risky Cancer Treatments and What Constitutes Good Science
Why Oncologists Aren't Open to "Alternative" Cancer Treatments
How Friends and Family Can Support Their Loved Ones
with Cancer
Who Heals From Cancer?
Last Words
Contact Information for Robert Zieve, MD

defeat-cancer-ebookThis would be a good book to get now. But keep in mind, the ideas discussed in here are simply to provide you with options, and different paths you could take if you had cancer. As one reviewer said, "With every chapter I finished I thougt: Yes, this is the approach I would go for. At the end I could not decide which would be best for me (in case cancer should ever hit me), but it is not the aim of this book to help you chose an option. It is supposed to give you a glimpse of what your possibilities are and then explore different options more extensively. I especially liked the mentioning of other websites where you can find additional information."

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