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tech-et-featuredIt doesn't matter if you're fifteen or over fifty, some people need to learn more about tech etiquette. Causing people around you to become angry, or having the person you are trying to communicate misunderstand your message, is one of the top pet peeves of the 21st century. I've been guilty of this myself.  From Linkedin, Facebook, Google plus, email, chat, video-chat, skype, tweeting, texting, smart phones and even online message forums, there are proper ways to express yourself, without leaving the other party confused, frustrated, or even angry. And with smart phones, there are some other manners to learn, like when the phone should be turned off.

One of the issues my daughter complains the most about is a short reply to a long text message. Here is an example of what would tick her off:

Daughter: I was thinking we could go to the A & W for a treat and then maybe to the park for a walk, after supper. How does this sound to you?

Friend: K

That's it? "K"?!! What kind of answer is that?

I don't know how many times I've heard people complain about a message they received, only to find out later that they misunderstood the format in which it was delivered. It's pretty easy from someone to take a joke as being rude, when they can't see the facial expressions of the person who sent it.

Dr. Richard L. Travis' book, Tech Etiquette: OMG addresses how we communicate via text, email, phone, video chat, tweet, or using any social network. This book is filled with tips and guidelines to help improve your communication skills, while whisking through the technological world.

It's important that people who are going to engage communicating in all of these newer ways learn to do it properly. There have been divorces, people losing their jobs, all kinds of missed opportunities, simply because of poor tech etiquette. We don't want any of these things to happen to you.

Tech Etiquette: OMG is being offered for free today as part of an Amazon promotion. If you miss this free offer, it's still worth getting for the price of $2.95. I'd say it's a bargain at any price, if it saves your relationship or job. One review had this to say about the book:

Really a great guideline for today's world. I think we've all experienced many of the situations personally and had to learn by the trial and error method. Would be a great 'hand out' at business conferences, employee handbooks, school orientations, etc to bring the world up to speed and to avoid lessons hard learned! Etiquette/awareness shouldn't be left behind by technology!

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