Chicken Recipes for Today and Later

25-chicken-featuredBeing single, I often walk past whole chickens in the grocery store. Yes, they're dead. But I find one can get pretty sick of chicken trying to get it used up after its been cooked. I have heard of people who freeze portions to use later, but with little culinary skills and even less imagination, I usually find myself throwing some of it out. But... this is going to change.....

I got a book today titled Twice As Nice: 25 Chicken Breast Recipes for Today and Later by Sandra Liu. She completely understands that you may not want to eat the whole chicken before it goes bad, so her book offers many recipes that you can make quickly to use portions that have been frozen. Unlike other “cook ahead” books, you don’t get stuck eating the same dish over and over. Each time you want to use the chicken, you take out just what you need, and then make a fresh dish from among the recipes provided in her book.

Sandra says:

"And then there is what feels more like a typical day: the dishwasher is clogged again, the internet is down for five hours and I have a deadline, and my darling calls to ask for just one teensy weensy favor for the seventh time that day. Twice As Nice has shortcuts to help me get dinner on the table. On these days, I know I can take some chicken out of the freezer, a can or two out of the pantry, and have dinner ready in half an hour."

Recipes are organized into well thought-out sections on “Salads”, “Soups and Stews”, “Sandwiches, Pitas, or Tortillas”, “Pastas”, “Rice”, and “One-Dish Dinners.” They cover the full range from the quick-and-easy staple (chicken salad sandwiches) to the wow-your-guests spectacle (chicken, rice, and mango lettuce wraps). The recipes for the chicken with red mole sauce and the chicken and chickpea stew are top choices that would each be well worth the price of purchase by itself.

moleEven with the help of this book, I'll probably leave the "recipes for the chicken with red mole sauce" alone. The moles that live around here aren't red, and you can't buy them in the grocery store. They look more like the picture to the right of this paragraph.

Sandra’s unique culinary style is one cup pragmatic and two cups foodie splendor. She has the perfect recipe for the contemporary home cook who wants to put delicious and nutritious meals on the table without a hassle. And, I'm looking forward to reading more of it.

The Kindle version of the book is being offered for free today as part of an Amazon promotion. So download it now to add to your library. If you miss this free promotion, you can still click this link to buy it. It's only $2.91.

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