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How to start a business from the ground up

planner-featuredStartup From The Ground Up, written by Cynthia Kocialski, is free today for the next 24-48 hours as an Amazon promotion. It offers practical insights for entrepreneurs on how to go from an idea to starting a new business. It gives commonsense and actionable advice to entrepreneurs for building a thriving business from nothing but an idea.

cindyCynthia Kocialski has founded three technology companies and has been actively involved in dozens of hi-tech start-ups, and has served on various advisory boards. These startups have returned more than $10 billion dollars to their investors. If anyone knows what it takes to start a business -- it's her.

Do you need this information right now? I guess it depends on where you are in your startup process. When I started my web development business over 15 years ago, I didn't know anything about running a business. Then, after a couple of years of making money with it.... it looked like a keeper. Only then, I decided I would need to learn how to run a business. The idea was:  make money first, learn what you don't know later on. But... if you're 50+ and alone... thinking of starting a business part-time or fulltime, as a hobby, get this book now.

I signed up for a course through the Employment Insurance program. It mostly consisted of a number of lectures from accountants, marketing people, lawyers, successful entrepreneurs, etc. I really learned a lot, and I also helped 2-3 of my classmates get their business out of neutral.

Starting up a business can be an over-whelming experience. There always seems to be more questions and not enough answers. What kind of business should I register? How do I register a business? Where do I promote it? Where can I get help with a business plan so I can attract investors? Should I lease or buy office space? Does my business need a website? What can I write off on my taxes? What can an accountant do for me? Watch the trailer below for Cynthia Kocialski book, Startup From The Ground Up:

In her book you'll learn:

• Why it’s not enough just to have a great product
• How to build a team and keep them, and why a team is more than founders and employees
• How to take a product concept and turn it into a full-fledged successful business
• Why it is so important to start marketing your product as early as possible
• How to get customers to speak with you and how to interact better with them
• When seeking outside funding, what investors will be looking for and how to understand and entice them

start-up-ebookKocialski gets you moving down the right path and thinking in the right direction. Launching a company relies on far more than just having a fabulous new product — this is just one piece to the puzzle, many are needed and all must work together in order to achieve success. Kocialski is the founder of three companies and has been involved in dozens of start-ups; she shares her experiences in a mix of observations, illuminations, and guidance that will change the way you think start-ups sprout up from the ground. Clearly written and told from an expert’s vantage point, Startup from the Ground Up is a guide for how to build a business from the very beginning.

She says: When I began my own entrepreneur's journey more than 15 years ago, I was naïve. On my very first venture into this world, I got lucky. I organized the right team and targeted a hot new technology.  We had the right stuff.  Over the years, I've founded a couple more start-ups and worked with more than 25 start-ups companies. After that many start-ups, I've seen the patterns of what works and what doesn't.  So I'd thought it was about time to share my experiences and observations with you in my book Startup From The Ground Up.

Click here to download your copy now! If you're from Canada, and need a little extra advice, I would be happy to set up a topic in the forums on this site where I might be able to offer some help and advice. Just email me and let me know.

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Got dem nasty winter blues?

winter-featuredWinter Blues -- sounds like cool name for a blues tune, but the fact of the matter is; there isn't anything cool about having the winter blues. I know people who get the blues this time of year, and it certainly isn't any fun to deal with. And if you're 50+ and alone, some of you will know this is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and is a form of depression. SAD was formally described and named in 1984 by Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal and colleagues at the National Institute of Mental Health. Rosenthal’s research with SAD led him to write “Winter Blues” and two other books on the topic.

*When the dark days of winter approach, do you feel sluggish and slow? Is it a struggle to get out of bed each morning?

*Do you have difficulty focusing at work or in relationships, feel down in the dumps, or, worse still, get really depressed?

*Does it get harder than ever to stick to a healthy diet and control your weight?

You may be suffering from a number of symptoms including:

  • sleeping more than usual
  • over eating
  • tiredness
  • not wanting to socialize as much
  • diminished sex drive
  • hopelessness
  • suicidal thoughts
  • and much more...

One way to help battle this is by making different food choices. Cut down on foods with a lot of starch like potatoes, white bread and rice. Increase foods that have protein like nuts, peanut butter, fish, fruit and cheese. It's important to increase your Vitamin D too. I buy orange juice that has Vitamin D added. A glass with 250 ml in it contains. 50% of my required daily intake. Getting out in the limited sunshine will help too, along with some exercise.

Have a look at Dr. Rosenthal's video below as he talks about this issue.

winterblues-ebookDr. Rosenthal's book titled Winter Blues, Fourth Edition: Everything You Need to Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder can be ordered from Amazon by clicking here. In the book you will learn about a number of things you can do to help you combat the disorder. As this is the fourth edition, he says it is, "a tried-and-true survival kit for weathering the winter blues."

The book is 353 pages and the fourth edition was just published September 4, 2012.

Dr. Rosenthal is the Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School, a therapist in private practice, and the author of five books, including Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation. Dr. Rosenthal conducted research at the National Institute of Mental Health for over 20 years.

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How to start a website in 2 hours without any coding

The Kindle version of the book, How to Make a Website or Blog with WordPress WITHOUT Coding, on your own domain, all in under 2 hours! is free today as a promotion on Amazon. The book has a lot of good information in it, and would help you start creating a money making website. The book is written by Mike Omar, who is an online marketer, so the book is choked full of some affiliate links. I suppose by offering the book for free, he's hoping to make some money on the backend by prompting you to click on some of his affiliate links.

Still, this is a fantastic opportunity for those of you who are 50+ and needing to setup a little website for a part-time business venture if you're semi-retired.

WordPress blogs aren't that hard to manage. I've setup a few for my web business clients. Even without being overly technically inclined they seem to do pretty well managing the blogs themselves. Of course, if they need help, I'm only an email or phone call away.

 Here are the topics covered in his book:


  • The SMARTEST and CHEAPEST way to buy a domain.
  • The SMARTEST and CHEAPEST way to buy a hosting package.
  • Linking your domain to your hosting account and installing WordPress.


  • An introduction to WordPress and best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings for your website.
  • How to add pages for regular websites.
  • How to add posts for blogs.
  • How to add pictures and links.
  • How to set up a sidebar using widgets.
  • How to change the look of your website with different themes.
  • How to add a contact form, plugins, and social media buttons.


  • How to install Google Analytics for tracking.
  • How to add "buy now" PayPal buttons.
  • How to add an interactive "Google Maps" map to your website.
  • How to set up a mailing list / newsletter (and best practices for doing so).
  • How to protect your website from hackers, malware, and other viruses.
  • Resources for e-commerce websites, doing keyword research, doing link building and SEO, affiliate marketing, membership websites, outsourcing, video recording, and more!


  • What are some of the most common methods for making money online?
  • What is the simplest way to make passive income online?
  • If I want to make money online, where do I start?
  • The Structure of a $1,000 per Month Passive Income Website.

This book will enable you to build a professional website on your own domain in less than a couple of hours AND teach you a skill set that will blow open your possibilities for entrepreneurship!

The book links to a number of video tutorials on YouTube that show you exactly how to go about some of these tasks. But he's a little vague on registering the domain name and setting up a hosting account. His directions for installing a WordPress blog certainly don't go into any great detail either. But.... some of us who are just soooo used to doing this sort of thing, often don't realize that people who would be interested in a beginners guide like this, probably need help with the basics too.

I'll tell you what! If you sign up for a domain name and hosting account by clicking here, all you need to do is send me the domain name, username and password to access your account, and I will install WordPress for free for you. This is a great chance for folks over 50+ to get started making a little extra cash. But if you're wanting to make money, please don't think this will make you an instant guru, and follow some of the advice in this free book. Like where it says:

Follow along the lessons in this ebook and start your very own website to play around with and start learning! Do you know what your very first website should be? A website advertising your new business: making websites for others!   In other words, once you have gone through this ebook entirely, you will be a qualified freelance web designer, since most websites will be within your ability to design!

You are not going to be a "freelance web designer" -- to be passable at it, it takes years of study. I know! I've been doing it for 15 years.

Still, all in all, the book does offer some good information. And since the Kindle version is free today, you might as well click here and grab a copy, if you have any interest at all in this topic.

And, if you have clicked this link to register your domain name and hosting account and want me to setup up your WordPress website for you, I might be able to offer a little more help....

I've mentioned before that under Hobbies in the Forums, we could have a new topic to discuss  websites. I don’t know how many people would be interested in it, but if you are, either email me or put a comment below and let me know. It could be a lot of fun, and I can guarantee you would learn something. If I get a number of requests to setup WordPress blogs for free, it would be better to have a forum to answer any questions you might have, rather than having to email each one of you the same answers to the same questions. You could check the forum first, to see if your question has been answered.

My free install WordPress offer is time limited and only available to those people who have clicked this link to register a domain name and hosting account. Think if this as a Merry Christmas gift to my readers.


Best Home Businesses for People 50+

A lot of us who 50+ and alone, find we have more time on our hands than we were used to having a few years ago. We aren't working as hard, or as long, and if the kids are gone, there sure is a lot less to do around the house. We realize there are a lot of things in the community that we could do  to take up some time. Bowling, card parties, dances and going for coffee with friends can get you out of the house, but what about those of us who  a) want something else to do, and b) want to make a little more money?

I guess part of what you might decided to do to take up this extra time depends on how much you feel like you want to get out of the house. But for those who are happy being 50+ and alone, there are always some things you can do at home to make some more money. Let's look at some examples.

I have a neighbor who would like to make more money but she doesn't know what she could do. In her spare time she likes to paint rocks. I've seen some of her work. It's beautiful. She has rocks painted that look scenic. She has rocks painted to look like baskets of fruit. She has rocks painted to look like fancy doilies. She does very fine work.... it's beautiful! There really isn't any reason why she couldn't be showing them off at craft shows, selling them on eBay, or put up a web site and do custom rock paintings for people who would want something specific.

A friend of mine buys and sells musical equipment through eBay. Another friend takes on odd welding jobs. I have some ads up around town for people looking for a man and a half-ton.

Can you write? The Internet is content driven. Businesses, publishers and websites pay for articles.

Can you take pictures? I've ran across websites that will buy your photos.

What about your online skills? I attended a business course with one lady who was setting up a studio to have classes of seniors who wanted to learn how to use computers better so they could keep in touch, share pictures and videos with family who lived away.

Some other things you might do:

  • Teach people how to dance
  • Give guitar lessons
  • Tutoring
  • Art lessons
  • Gardening business
  • Help people reduce stress
  • Sew clothing
  • Start a cake decorating service
  • Start a party planning service

And if you need more ideas, there is a book written by Paul and Sarah Edwards titled Best Home Businesses for People 50+. Paul and Sarah have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Business Week, and Newsweek. They are the REAL deal. They have also been featured on television show like the  Today Show, the CBS Morning Show and Oprah. The point is: they are real people and very credible. So if you're looking for some more ideas you can pick this book up on Amazon for only $6.95 for the Kindles version or $13.57 for a paperback copy that will be mailed to you. Take a look at some of the reviews they have received for this book. A couple, Deb and Brad Schepp write:

If you're over 50, or even just approaching that age, you'll want to read this book. Unfortunately, ageism is a very real issue, but the Edwards' explain how to turn a perceived drawback into a very strong asset. They identify jobs that are well suited to those 50+, including some you probably didn't think of (e.g., Wedding Planner, Daily Money Manager, etc.). Aside from the job descriptions, I really like the resources sections, which point you to places for more details. Highly recommended.

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Discover how to help yourself

Jennifer O'Neill is a talented psychic that uses several senses from clairvoyance to claircognizance in her readings.  Some people have the gift of musical talent, athletic ability; Jennifer has the gift of “knowing” things. She also has co-chaired several successful psychic fairs, and was also the co-creator of a metaphysical/alternative health care magazine "The New Earth".  She is a fourth generation psychic, ordained minister and a metaphysical writer.

There are a lot of people these days who realize a lot of the problems they face in day-to-day living are problems they created for themselves. Whether you believe it or not, there is a lot more to Metaphysics other than just studying Biorhythm charts. We all know Biorhythm is an attempt to predict various aspects of a person's life through simple mathematical cycles. As a youth I used to chart my own, based on a book I had bought, that showed you how to prepare your charts in advance. For some odd reason (because I really ain't this deep) they were pretty accurate. These days, you don't need to study to do the calculations. There are plenty of websites that have the algorithms built in, so all you need to do is enter your birth date. Click here for an example.

In her book, Soul DNA: Your Spiritual Genetic Code Defines Your Purpose, Jennifer says there are eighteen universal laws:

1) The Law of One or Oneness – Everything is connected, we are all one.

2) The Law of Vibration – Everything in the Universe vibrates, or offers a vibration.

3) The Law of Attraction – You attract into your life what you are offering vibrationally.

4) The Law of Allowing – The state of allowing is the purest state of manifesting. Allowing things to move without resistance and to evolve and grow naturally.

5) The Law of Resistance – Anything offering resistance will manifest itself into energy blockages, or stuck energy.

6) The Law of Detachment – This is the law of releasing or letting go from your desire.

7) The Law of Abundance – There is more than enough in the Universe, nothing is limited.

8) The Law of Intention – Directing energy as intention is the first step of creation and desire, which results in manifestation.

9) The Law of Action – Action must be taken in order to result in manifestation.

10) The Law of Cause and Effect – Every action has a reaction or a consequence.

11) The Law of Pure Potential – Everything and everyone is one of infinite possibilities.

12) The Law of Rhythm or Ebb and Flow – All things have a rhythm, a cycle, or an ebb and flow.

 13) The Law of Polarity – Everything has an opposite to it, a yin and yang, complementary opposites as part of a greater whole.

14) The Law of Relativity – Everything has challenges or tests that they will face allowing them to find strength within.

15) The Law of Dharma or Purpose – Everything was created with a purpose.

16) The Law of Giving and Gratitude – The Universe dictates that you must give in order to receive.

17) The Law of Correspondence – The Universe, or reality, cannot contradict itself.

18) The Law of Love – Love is Universal energy in its purest most powerful state.

This book is for you if you ever felt lost,  confused,  stuck or just  don't know which way to go in life. Built into your Soul DNA is the knowledge of how to bring into your life everything that you desire. In your natural state of existence it is common knowledge.

One reviewer of the book said:

Jennifer O'Neil's Soul DNA is a great book...I am calling it my new spiritual bible. It explains our 18 spiritual laws that we need to follow to have a happy and successful life...Very detailed information about the law of attraction, and how our been around negative people, which can include our family can bring down our vibrational frequency. Great information on spirit guides and how they communicate with us through, pictures, symbols. Great universal prayers at the end of the book. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to find their life purpose.

In the video below you Jennifer mentions these universal laws although the video is titled "How Not To Let Fear Hold You Back" Have a look at it. It's about facing fears that may be holding you back from doing something that you want to do in life.

I bought the book today, and have only barely cracked the surface. After-all, it's 153 pages, and when you read something like this, it isn't the same as reading a fictional novel. You need time to study what you are learning so it takes a little more time. If you click here you can find the book on The Kindle version is only $3.99

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