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Damn! I broke a nail!

My method of playing the guitar is to hold a guitar pick between my index finger and thumb and use the other fingers on the right hand to pick notes or additional chord tones. In order to do this, my nails on the right hand have to be a little longer than normal. But the problem is, they wear down and brake too quickly.

I was reading researching what other guitar players do. Of course many of them use finger picks on the right hand fingers. Unfortunately, I can't see myself doing it. I've tried the picks on; just didn't like it at all. Then I discovered that others have their fingernails gelled at a salon. That sounded like an idea I could live with so I gave it a try.

It worked out well for the first two times. I noticed when the gel wore off/grew off that the nail on my middle finger looked a little stressed. I didn't think it was much to worry about so I went ahead and had it done again. This time, when the gel's time was up and the remainder came off the nail, it looks like it has eaten almost half of my nail.

Was this normal? I certainly had no idea. Then a friend who works in salons told me:

Your nails are thinning due to the lack of oxygen at the nail bed. This occurs in 98% of gel nail clients. Go to a salon and get nail envy in a matte finish. It is applied daily and works quickly. In the meantime duct tape picks to your fingers. Duct tape can fix anything! LOL

I've been reluctant to try the duct tape. I will save that thought for later. I may need it later on. I saw a few reviews for Nail Envy online. One reviews I saw claimed it was quite expensive; around $20 for a small bottle. But I found OPI Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengthener, 0.5-Fluid Ounce can be bought from Amazon for 77% off list price for just $3.95.

Here are the directions:

To strengthen natural nails, apply two coats of Matte Nail Envy, followed by one coat every other day. Complete instructions enclosed. Excellent for men

The only thing I'm wondering about is if I need to let the damaged nail grow out a bit more before I start using this. And sadly, it looks like I'll be a little handicapped when it comes to picking for the next month or so.


Paint the town red and the lawn green

I was reading an article on the CBC website this morning called Turf painting spreads in U.S. as drought ravages lawns. We've been having a lot of dry weather here, but lucky for me, my lawn isn't looking that bad yet.

I thought I had heard  of everything, but I sure didn't hear of this one. People painting their lawns. Watch them to it in the video below

For those that need to do this, there are do-it-yourself products that are 100% Biodegradable and Non-Toxic. Safe for Children and Pets! you can have shipped right to your home from It's environmentally safe and lasts up to six months.

We had a little rain last week here, and expecting some more within the next couple of days. So as I said my place looks fine, but there are some businesses around town that could stand to have this done.



Lose your manual for that gadget?

The worst part of it is.... when you get that sneaky suspicion that you may have thrown it out with the box and plastic your appliance or electronic gadget came in. Then you try and find another one online someplace and they want you to register for an account and cough up some dough....

There's a website online called ManualsLib with a database consisting of more than 54,2700 pdf files. Search results include manual name, description, size and number of pages. You can either read manual online or download it to your computer. And there isn't any need to create an account or register to search and download the manual you're looking for.

This is a great resource to bookmark


Lawn weeds

I bought some "Weed Be Gone" but all that did was seem to get 'em a little excited. I could swear I heard them chuckling the next morning when I stepped out on my back stoop. Apparently the only way this stuff would be any good is if I ordered it by the truck load and saturated the ground with it.

I've been doing some research... seeing as how I don't know a thing about plants and soil. The extent of my knowledge is that if the grass is long, I know it needs to be cut.

It looks like I will have to do a pH test on my lawn to determine its level. A 6.5 pH level is optimal for growing grass. Dandelions, on the other hand, prefer a more akaline soil at a 7.5 pH level or higher. So.... first thing first. How do I determine the pH Level of my soli?

I found this video online which shows you how to do a test with a simple kit.

After I watched the video (because I didn't want to order the stuff online) I checked if something like this was available around town. It was. I could get something called "C.I.L Soil Testing Kit" -- and it looks like almost the same thing as the one in the video. So I'm ready to do a test, and of course it started raining. I will have to save it for another day.

But depending on which way the test goes, you can lower the pH level by spreading on some sulphur, or increase the level using some lime. I'm guessing I will have to use lime, which is something that would get done at the end of the season, and then once more in the Spring at the start of the season.

I know this may sound very basic to those of you who do some gardening. But for those of us without this knowledge, goes to show, you're never too old to learn something new. :-)