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The trouble with life

The trouble with life: you're halfway through before you realize it's a "do it yourself."


Hello world! It’s just me!!!

You're FREE!!!

One of the great things about being single again after all of these years is having the ability to decide what clothes you will keep and what clothes you will throw away. I used to have to hide this shirt on my ex. Yes, every so often she would go through our closet and throw out some of my favorite shirts. She didn't understand, that sometimes these old shirts can just get so comfortable... it's liking throwing away a friend.

Who in their right mind would throw away a perfectly good friend? Or a perfectly good shirt, for that matter. I suppose time has taken its toll. And, of course.... I wouldn't wear it in public. But I have a hanger of honour in my closet where it resides now. And sometimes I get asked to proudly display it, which I'm more than happy to.

It's a symbol of freedom! It's a reminder that a single person's life can go exactly as they direct it. Life is good again!