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Are all confessions good for the soul?

Ran across this somewhere:


Sitting on the throne

Even before the sitcom "Married With Children" we knew, as men, how important a bathroom is. Al Bundy didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. It's where the throne is, and it's every man's right to sit on his throne as often or as long as he wants to.

A lot of people will take this as a comfortable quiet time away from a house filled with chaos in the morning. It's a great place to read the paper. a few chapters in your novel, or read news online from your cellphone. And it isn't just men who seek the quite refuge. It turns into a meeting house for teenage daughters and their friends after school. This is where they take their best pictures to post to Facebook.

Truly, if a man's home is his castle, the throne room could really use a little work. Why not a throne that gives dignity and respect to the importance of  the king of the household? A throne like the one to the left would go a long ways to accomplish the significance of such a room. Perhaps some trophy heads of Bison, moose and deer could adorn the adjacent walls. Let people know that the owner of such a throne is not only the magnificent ruler of the house, but a man among men. A vital member of the community! One who should be worshipped, not only by his family, but the entire city, perhaps even the state, where he resides!

Admittedly, Al Bundy and I are not the only ones who hold the throne room sacred. I found a you tube video with Tim the Toolman showcasing some other improvements that could be made to a mans throne room. Check it out below:

It's time for men everywhere to take back their throne. Make it stand for something. Even if you have to add on a second bathroom for the wife, dogs and teenagers. It's your throne! Make it a representation for everything you have worked so hard to achieve.


Whatever will be; will be!

Me and the kid think alike.....

Me and the kid think alike.....

So there is this new site online called Clever Bot. On one of the pages it says:

Cleverbot is Artificial Intelligence. Say whatever you like - songs, jokes, memes or anything, and it will respond. It learns what people say, in context, and imitates. Cleverbot is an entertainment — not made to be logical, give advice, or be useful. Many people keep talking for hours, and say it's too clever to be a bot — that it must be human. Yet it never is: it is a bot. Cleverbot is software. Maybe it even contains a little Actual Intelligence.

I thought I would give it a try just to see how smart it was..... so I asked it: "Will I ever get married again?"

Its reply was: "Do you want to get married again?"

Damned straight and damned smart — if you ask me...


Senior Prenup

A senior couple in their 80s was about to get married. She said, "I want to keep my house."

He said, "That's fine with me."

She said, "And I want to keep my Cadillac."

He said, "That's fine with me."

She said, "And I want to have sex six times a week."

He said, "That's fine with me. Put me down for Fridays."


Silly image

The actual image was taken at a NSAC garden just before my daughters junior graduation from grade nine last year. There wasn't enough room to add the silly stuff, so I cut her out of the image and then re-created the bush background. This gave me the room to add the monsters, and then I placed Kelsey over to the right.

You find you start doing things like this when you have a little extra time on your hands. I still think it's pretty cool though.