Build a home or cottage for under $50,000


How would like a home for under $50,000? And how would you like it built from recyclable material? This is what Cob Homes or cottages are.  Although I've only recently learned of them, apparently Cob is an ancient building material, that may have been used for construction since prehistoric times.

Cob is made by mixing the clay-based subsoil with sand, straw and water ; quite possibly, even found on your own land. It may not sound that attractive, but watch the video below:

This book was written by Ianto Evans, an applied ecologist, landscape architect, inventor, writer and teacher with building experience on six continents. If you would like to get your hands dirty and start building your own Cob Home, you may wish to take a look at this. For more information you might consider attending a Cob Workshop. There is a website that has a listing for cob building workshops and events. You can find it at


Since the walls in these type of homes or cottages are quite thick (up to 2') they stay very warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. They are ideal for a variety of climates.  And it just isn't the walls and roof that can be built with cob. Some counters, bed frames, shelves and even closets can be built with the same material. You are only limited by your imagination.





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