Brewing Beer (4 Simple Steps To Your First Home Brew – With 40 Easy Peasy Recipes)

brew-featuredWow! What a giveaway today! I know, none of you drink, and fewer will admit to it, but if you ever thought of making some homemade beer for the odd friend you know who does like to have a nip, you don't want to miss this one.

Brewing Beer (4 Simple Steps To Your First Home Brew - With 40 Easy Peasy Recipes) is free today as an Amazon promotion. These books are typically only free for 24-48 hrs, so save the $20 it will cost you later and get it now. The author also gives you suggestions for how to experiment with your methods and ingredients, to improve your brews to match your own specific tastes, when you brew beer at home. Soon you'll be producing fantastic home brew beer of equal or better quality and flavor than the best commercial beers you've ever tasted.

In this 255 page book you'll discover:

  • The 4 fully-explained secrets to how to brew beer at home, and produce an awesome beer the very first time!
  • A bare-bones, step-by-step check-list of directions for quick reference while you're brewing.
  • 40 easy peasy home brew beer recipes for mouthwatering brews.
  • The crucial information you need to know about brewing beer at home without landing in jail!
  • All the essential details about beer brewing equipment and the ingredients of world class beer.
  • A complete check-list to take with you when equipment shopping.
  • Simple methods for cleaning and sanitizing your equipment for health, safety and superlative home brewed beer.
  • An extensive glossary of beer brewing terms.
  • A directory of almost 200 highly recommended sources for home brew beer supplies, and their contact info.

beer-ebookThe aim of this book is to guarantee that you have a lot of fun the very first time you brew beer, and that all your future homebrews will be rousing successes as well. He promises, when you finish reading this book, you'll be able to brew a great tasting 5-gallon batch of beer in four simple steps. Brewing beer at home should take you a total of about three hours of actual work, and very roughly about 6 weeks for fermentation, clearing, and conditioning, or aging, of your brew.

It's noted, the last 3 weeks or so of waiting for the conditioning is the hardest part of the whole process. It takes great self-control to resist sampling your brew before it has had a chance to reach its peak of deliciousness.

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