Best Home Businesses for People 50+

A lot of us who 50+ and alone, find we have more time on our hands than we were used to having a few years ago. We aren't working as hard, or as long, and if the kids are gone, there sure is a lot less to do around the house. We realize there are a lot of things in the community that we could do  to take up some time. Bowling, card parties, dances and going for coffee with friends can get you out of the house, but what about those of us who  a) want something else to do, and b) want to make a little more money?

I guess part of what you might decided to do to take up this extra time depends on how much you feel like you want to get out of the house. But for those who are happy being 50+ and alone, there are always some things you can do at home to make some more money. Let's look at some examples.

I have a neighbor who would like to make more money but she doesn't know what she could do. In her spare time she likes to paint rocks. I've seen some of her work. It's beautiful. She has rocks painted that look scenic. She has rocks painted to look like baskets of fruit. She has rocks painted to look like fancy doilies. She does very fine work.... it's beautiful! There really isn't any reason why she couldn't be showing them off at craft shows, selling them on eBay, or put up a web site and do custom rock paintings for people who would want something specific.

A friend of mine buys and sells musical equipment through eBay. Another friend takes on odd welding jobs. I have some ads up around town for people looking for a man and a half-ton.

Can you write? The Internet is content driven. Businesses, publishers and websites pay for articles.

Can you take pictures? I've ran across websites that will buy your photos.

What about your online skills? I attended a business course with one lady who was setting up a studio to have classes of seniors who wanted to learn how to use computers better so they could keep in touch, share pictures and videos with family who lived away.

Some other things you might do:

  • Teach people how to dance
  • Give guitar lessons
  • Tutoring
  • Art lessons
  • Gardening business
  • Help people reduce stress
  • Sew clothing
  • Start a cake decorating service
  • Start a party planning service

And if you need more ideas, there is a book written by Paul and Sarah Edwards titled Best Home Businesses for People 50+. Paul and Sarah have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Business Week, and Newsweek. They are the REAL deal. They have also been featured on television show like the  Today Show, the CBS Morning Show and Oprah. The point is: they are real people and very credible. So if you're looking for some more ideas you can pick this book up on Amazon for only $6.95 for the Kindles version or $13.57 for a paperback copy that will be mailed to you. Take a look at some of the reviews they have received for this book. A couple, Deb and Brad Schepp write:

If you're over 50, or even just approaching that age, you'll want to read this book. Unfortunately, ageism is a very real issue, but the Edwards' explain how to turn a perceived drawback into a very strong asset. They identify jobs that are well suited to those 50+, including some you probably didn't think of (e.g., Wedding Planner, Daily Money Manager, etc.). Aside from the job descriptions, I really like the resources sections, which point you to places for more details. Highly recommended.

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