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dating-guide-featuredThis whole site is about being 50+ and alone without any partner. Specifically it's for those of you who are "good with that". But... people change their minds. Just because you made a lifestyle choice a few years ago, doesn't mean you can't change your mind. It ain't easy being easy alone, and there really isn't any reason why you have to be.

I know couples who are 50+ and who have used online dating websites. They have had great success. If you're 50+ you might want to consider online dating websites. But.... you need to take some precautions too. You need to learn the ropes.

Watch the video below  when Judsen Culbreth discussed her new book with a CBS News interviewer, 'The Boomers' Guide to Online Dating,' which offers advice to help women feel confident in looking online for that someone special.

Click here to watch the video on the CBS website

Here is an excerpt from Chapter #1:


Before you even think about browsing all those dating sites, find out whether you're psychologically prepared to embark on a new relationship. Take this quick quiz.

  1. My past relationships, though painful at times,
    have taught me to be more caring and accepting. True False
  2. Men are a lot of fun to be with. True False
  3. I'm a lot of fun to be with. True False
  4. An intimate and loving relationship is a top
    priority for me. True False
  5. I believe I can shape my future. True False
  6. Men are so irresponsible. Frankly, I don't know
    why I'm bothering to look for one. True False
  7. I'm looking for a man to make me happy. True False
  8. Love is destiny. If a relationship is meant to be,
    the right man will find me. True False
  9. I can take or leave sex. True False
  10. Shopping and dining at a good restaurant are
    two of my favorite activities. True False

Scoring: If you answered "true" to questions 1 through 5 and "false" to 6 through 10, you're ripe for love. You've learned a lot from your life experiences. You have a joyful, vibrant, can-do way of thinking, and you're open to sharing with a like-minded, intimate partner. Breeze through this chapter to fine-tune your potential. Did you miss a few answers? You may want to reflect on your feelings about men and rev up your enthusiasm. This chapter will help you feel organized, in control, and headed for a good thing. It's your crash course in relationship-readiness.

boomers-guide-ebookIn her book, The Boomer's Guide to Online Dating, Culbreth understands the lives and yearnings of mature single women and speaks empathetically to the concerns of her audience, addressing worries about their desirability, the safety of the Internet, and the availability of good men. Her book combines research; how-to advice; warm, personal success stories; and quizzes and exercises.

She has has more than 30 years of experience in magazines and TV journalism, serving as editor-in-chief of Working Mother, executive editor of Redbook, and the first work/family contributing editor on Today. She has been seen on Lifetime, CNN, NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, and Dateline. She divides her time between New Jersey and Alabama.

So rather than tell me, "I can't do this being alone thing anymore," click here to order this book now.

This book won't be a lot of use to my readers who are men. Unless, of course, you want to understand what women may be thinking. And then, sometimes it isn't a bad idea to be prepared. I've know men who buy women's magazines just so they could try and learn to understand them better.

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