Another nurse’s aid refuses flu shot

The National Post published an article today about a nurse’s aide who got sent home for refusing to get the flu shot. She said she was one of more than a dozen workers, sent home Tuesday from the extended-care facility where she works in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She claims to have trigeminal neuralgia, which is disorder characterized by episodes of intense pain in the face, originating from the trigeminal nerve. She is afraid that if she gets the shot it will cause the disorder to flare up. This would seem to be an understandable concern.

The article doesn't expand upon the reasoning for the other 11 health professionals, but click here to read her story.

It might be interesting to note, some of the comments that were posted below the story as well. Although there is quite a bit of bashing going on, one of the commenter's who identified herself as a RN said:

"As an RN I am offended by comments that suggest refusing the shot translates to a crappy nurse. Until peer reviewed research confirms I am a risk to patients, I will NOT get the shot and I am happy to stay home without pay. What other profession demands the worker to knowingly chemically alter their body with potentially insidious risks? Anyone care to know how the "shot" is made? Based on predictions they throw a cocktail together. EVERY year they have missed the mark, yet they still bully workers into having it. For you know-it-all, believe everything you hear people, I remind you of one of thousands of medical blunders... the thalidomide tragedy - a "wonder drug" endorsed by physicians, encouraged by health authorities and permitted to kill and deform babies for 10 years before discontinued. The drug was developed and used in Nazi prison camps and fed to Canadians post war. Minus the prison camp -- is there a difference in the mandatory imposition of these two drugs?"

And someone else who worked as an RN said:

"Perhaps the general public should sit back and wonder why the majority of us front line health care workers do not get the vacccine? Can so many intelligent people with nothing to gain from Big Pharma be wrong?"

There are tons of other comments; some bashing these two -- others spouting their own agendas, but father down; you stop seeing any professional responses. They have made their point, and regardless of the ignorant barrage that follows, it doesn't diminish the fact that two health professionals, whose pockets are NOT lined in gold from Big Pharma or receive kick-backs from Health Canada, have shared their knowledge of the dangers of vaccinations.

On January 15, I published an article on this site, Dr. Maurice Ralph Hilleman, father of Vaccinology, issues warning about Vaccines. If you haven't read it, you can click here now to read it.

This site cannot offer you medical advice. All of the information published here isn't to take the place of a doctor, and is only to give you something to think about. But when the second professional says, " Perhaps the general public should sit back and wonder why the majority of us front line health care workers do not get the vacccine?" -- it certainly makes one wonder why they would offer this information when they don't have anything to gain from it, and risk losing their jobs by going public with it.

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