Almost cottage time

That time of year again!!

The above picture was taken last year when I was having the roof re-shingled. The cottage sits almost on the Bay in Nova Scotia. It's a beautiful spot. I know the cottage isn't overly fancy to what some better-off people might call a cottage -- but I love it!!

I'm having a number of repairs done to it this year. Pretty well the entire east outside wall is being replaced, and I'm having the whole thing re-painted. It almost seems like a money pit  but the time I spend there in the Summer is priceless. Nothing like waking up to hear the surf lapping at the shoreline, the gulls crying over-head, and the when the tide goes out, you hear the voices from 100 clams screaming "Eat me!!!"

And, man... I do!!

I LOVE steamed clams. I could eat them every day. And All I have to do is take a 5-minute walk just south of the cottage and start digging.

Here is another pic of the cottage taken when the tide was high. I've got a big re-arrow over the top of mine. The little community the cottage is in (Economy, Nova Scotia) has a population of 150 people. It's really small -- but it's my home-town. So it's nothing to round up a few people for a BBQ and some tunes afterwards. I play the guitar.

The best part of being 50 and alone... is there isn't anyone to tell me I'm not going to the cottage for the weekend because I have too many other chores to do. Let's face it! There will always be other chores, but we only go through life once, so let's try and enjoy it a bit.

Just about a mile up the road is a great place for Bass fishing in the Economy River. When the tide comes in... so do the bass. Here is a quick video of someone fishing a bass out of the Economy River:




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  1. If you like the video above showing the fellow catching a striped bass, there is a forum topic under “hobbies” to tell us about your wildest fishing trip. You can view the topic right here.

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